Pirates Revenge

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Pirates Revenge at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain None (Passiflora stepped down)
Senior Officer(s) Bluediamond, Passiflora (Active), Sanne, Witco (ALL are dormant unless otherwise marked)
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation The Blood Line
Founded 8 October, 2005
Last updated on 6 January, 2017
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Pirates Revenge is a crew on the Meridian Ocean, flying the flag of The Blood Line.


Pirates Revenge was founded on the 8th of October, in 2005, on the former Viridian Ocean.

Captaincy history

  1. Sanne (? - ~July 31, 2008)
  2. Passiflora (~July 31, 2008 - ?)

Flag affiliation history

  1. European Love (? - ~July 7, 2007)
  2. Spartans (~July 7, 2007 - ~Sep 21, 2007)
  3. Yggdrasil (~Sep 21, 2007 - ~July 31, 2008)
  4. The Blood Line (~July 31, 2008 - present)

Public statement

Traders + Merchants + Pillagers and salty seadog rogues - all are welcome in Pirates Revenge

Extended public statement

From the dawn of time, we sailed the seven seas, swashbuckling and plundering. Until we were engulfed by a great storm, send by the gods, with nothing so powerful seen by the eye of man ever since. But now we are back, for revenge, and no-one shall stand in our path.

This is the Pirates Revenge. Join us for a rollicking good time

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