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Game Gardens

From YPPedia

Game Gardens was a site, created by Three Rings Design, which provided a set of tools for the creation of Java games. These tools included the same programming libraries that Three Rings used in their own titles such as Puzzle Pirates. Users could develop, upload and share games on the site, allowing them to be played by anyone.

It fostered the creation of a variety of novel, online, multiplayer games. It also allowed for the creation of simulators which replicated certain puzzles or activities from existing games such as Puzzle Pirates. A battle navigation simulator became popular with pirates who could not practice battle navigation in-game as they did not have an active subscription or the required badge, as well a training tool for pirates in preparation for events such as blockades before event blockades were added to the game. The site was also used to prototype entries in the later stages of the Grand Crafting Puzzle Project.

On April 6, 2016, following parent company SEGA's closure of Three Rings Design, the website and Wiki have remained offline. It is not known if Grey Havens plan to revive them.


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