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OM doll
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Acquired Familiars
Fourtuna at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Pirate Fourtuna
Crew Affiliation Privateers
Crew Rank Fleet Officer
Flag Affiliation Black Flag
Flag Rank Member
Ocean Emerald
Last updated on 12 November, 2022

Fourtuna is a pirate on the Emerald Ocean and Meridian Ocean. She is currently Fleet Officer of the crew Privateers on Emerald Ocean.

Fourtuna has memorized the Emerald Ocean and the Cerulean Ocean.


Fourtuna started playing puzzle pirates on May 2021 on the Emerald Ocean, when her brother Zephiris rediscovered the game while cleaning out the hard drive of an old desktop sitting in the garage.

She enjoys theory-crafting, and is the primary proponent of creating the proof-of-concept crew South Emerald Company, inspired by an offhanded comment her brother made regarding the oligarchic crew that he and his friends formed in 2006. As one of the co-founders, she currently retains ownership of all four of the renamed LE Ships designated as flagships within that crew.


  • 12/25/2022: Won Hera Doll (Trinket) in Puzzle Competition 'Sleighin' It' on Emerald Ocean (Fine Overall) and Meridian Ocean (Good Overall)

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