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Zephiris at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Pirate Zephiris
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Ocean Emerald
Last updated on 12 November, 2022

Zephiris is a pirate on the Emerald Ocean, Meridian Ocean, and (as Zephlris) Cerulean Ocean. He is currently independent on Emerald Ocean and Meridian Ocean, and Officer of the crew Abundance on Cerulean Ocean.

Zephiris has memorized the Emerald Ocean and the Cerulean Ocean.


Zephiris started playing puzzle pirates in early 2005 on the Viridian Ocean, initially introduced into the game by a neighborhood friend over the new year family party. He was one of the founders of the crew Aegis Shield (Crew Page), a small-time pillaging crew, and remained an active part of the crew until interest in the game fizzled out in mid-2006, right around the Foot Brawl 2006, as the group of friends migrated to other MMORPGs of the time.

Zephiris in 2005.jpg

Zephiris and his first War Brig (7.27.2005)

Over a decade after the original Zephiris was purged due to inactivity, he rediscovered the game through a screenshot while cleaning out the hard drive of an old desktop in the garage during the spring break of 2021. Aiming to resolve the decade-long unfinished goal of having a painted and renamed War Brig (One which proved problematic in his previous iteration, with the inability to effectively and safely buy and use Shanghai), Zephiris returned to the game and reclaimed his namesake in the most active ocean at the time of his return, Emerald Ocean.

Other than his passion for duty navigation, Zephiris especially enjoys renaming, repainting, and collecting ships, perhaps as a subconscious compulsion driven by his unfulfilled childhood ambitions.

Ships Collection


For the expanded list of limited edition ship collection, see here.

Ship Name
Midas class grand frigate dock.png Those Happy Moments
Imperial class war frigate dock.png Grand Soleil
Imperial class war brig dock.png Petit Soleil
Imperial class war brig dock.png Petite Lune
Cupid class war brig dock.png Little Horny
Fortune class junk dock.png Yellow Emperor
Dragon class fanchuan dock.png Azure Dragon
Midas class sloop dock.png Golden Age
Steam class sloop dock.png Steam Age
Roister class sloop dock.png Roister
Yuletide class sloop dock.png Petit Nez Rouge


Ship Name


Ship Name
Legendary class sloop dock.png Heroic Age

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