Folie Circulaire/Shoppes and Stalls

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Type Name Island
Icon apothecary.png
Carpe Dye 'Em Cnossos Island
Dying for Dchow's White Paint Nu Island
Pennyrile's Apothecary Stall Epsilon Island
Show Us Your Tints Lagniappe Island
Windsey's Apothecary Stall Tinga Island
Icon distillery.png
Bahrenheit for Fifty Rum Beta Island
Colourful Concoctions Guava Island
Donsmythe's Distilling Stall Namath Island
Hayyan's Hangover Eta Island
Knight In Steining Armor Spring Island
Lagniappe Brewing Company Lagniappe Island
Mihatra's Distilling Stall Emperor Island
Raining Cats and Grog Cranberry Island
Soused Scupperer's Nu Inebriants Nu Island
Icon furnisher.png
Chaise Away the Blues Lagniappe Island
Icon iron monger.png
Aegean Armaments Hephaestus' Forge
Blades and Beads Lagniappe Island
Brombaer's Ironworking Stall Park Island
Cardassian Shadows Armory Delta Island
Cronk's Ironworking Stall Oyster Island
Dramatic Irony Jorvik Island
Event Ore-izon Beta Island
Get Hammered Lagniappe Island
La Vendetta di Remus Spring Island
Marajade's Ironworking Stall Guava Island
Marajade's Ironworking Stall Vernal Equinox
Rachet's Ironworking Stall Tinga Island
Taztom's Ironworking Stall Lagniappe Island
The Hammering Hamster Cranberry Island
We Got Big Balls Nu Island
Icon shipyard.png
Battlesloop Galactica Beta Island
Brigging the Gap Eta Island
Built On Porpoise Cranberry Island
Pennyrile's Shipbuilding Stall Spring Island
Ship My Pants Nu Island
Ships for Ewe Guava Island
Sloopless in Seabattle Spring Island
The Brig Easy Lagniappe Island
Wharf Fare Hephaestus' Forge
Icon tailor.png
Don't Stand, Sew Clothes For Me Spring Island
Flashing Haberdasher Lagniappe Island
Fearfull's Tailoring Stall Guava Island
In the Bluff Nu Island
Needle This, Needle That Tinga Island
Seamly Dreams Hephaestus' Forge
The Wraps of Khan Beta Island
Icon weavery.png
Bealotus' Weaving Stall Turtle Island
Donsmythe's Weaving Stall Vernal Equinox
Holdem Foldem Cloth Nu Island
Loominescence Eta Island
Loop Garou Lagniappe Island
Silkworm Spinners Cranberry Island
Starks's Weaving Stall Hephaestus' Forge
Wikkedway's Weaving Stall Guava Island