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Ethereal Rogues

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Ethereal Rogues at a Glance
Cobalt Ocean
Last Monarch Krovan of Buccaneer Rogues
Member crew(s) Buccaneer Rogues, The Swashbuckling Rogues, Bad Company
Dormant as of 29 June, 2008

The Ethereal Rogues was a flag on the Cobalt Ocean. They consisted of the Band of Drunken Rogues as well as the Buccaneer Rogues - a crew started by Krovan, a former senior officer of the Band of Drunken Rogues - and the Drunken Dragon Rogues which was started by Aeron, another former senior officer of the Band of Drunken Rogues. Aeron was made the queen after a temporary absence of Windfinder. It was later made permanent.

After Windfinder resigned as captain, Band of Drunken Rogues merged with Bloodlust. Shortly thereafter, Drunken Dragon Rogues was merged with Buccaneer Rogues. Boonsteer, a former cabin person of Band of Drunken Rogues, founded Bad Company and joined the flag.

Public Statement

Ahoy! Welcome to the Ethereal Rogues! We're always on the look out for new crews to join and pillage with. Send a tell to any royalty. Keep in mind we're close-knit and friendly. Always ask PTB and help out your mates. Stay considerate of your flag mates and courteous to non flaggies. Flag shoppes are Cyan's Weavery on Kirin Island, Caffeinated's Iron monger on Dragon's Nest, and Aeron's Tailor on Kirin.

Events Run

The Great Sloop Race was a sloop race which was run by the Ethereal Rogue event coordinator Wesleystuben. It pitted various teams against each other in a race from Dragon's Nest to Typhoon Island on the Cobalt Ocean. Each member of the winning team recieved a sloop, a black ribbon (provided by Demeter and Artemis). The second place team recieved red ribbons, and an amount of PoE, and the third place team recieved blue ribbons and some PoE.

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