The Jazzie Crew

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The Jazzie Crew at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Captain Blackhammer
Senior Officer(s) Aristoza, Artifact, Bigsword, Captbeaky, Cicra, Cordles, Cucoriedka, Giodan, Joedown, Kandykiss, Lillyliver, Lockwood, Matbullock, Odysseuus, Pippett, Rhana, Scysal, Sexyjenefur, Tuija, Upgradde, Urotsokidoji, Vuurballeke, Zippy
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation For Glory or Honour
Founded 3 July, 2006
Last updated on 18 March, 2013
Favicon.png Crew Info
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The Jazzie Crew is a crew that sails the Cerulean Ocean.

The Jazzie Crew (or "The Jazzie's") are a close-knit community of pirates, of where there are pillages, blockade action and an Atlantis obsession. The Jazzie Crew was founded on the 3 July 2006, by Blackhammer. The Jazzie Crew has over 100 active members, with pillages and Atlantis trips running everyday. The Jazzie’s are fun loving, polite, and well-respected pirates. On 27 March, 2013, the crew Dum Spiro Spero merged with the crew.

Public statement

"i feel the need to write something smart and clever here " Blackie 2007

Extended public statement

We are the jazzie crew!!!


Senior officers

Senior officers in the Jazzie Crew are well-trained and skilled pirates who have been playing on The Midnight Ocean for some time and have been hand picked by the captain. They are friendly creative and loving people, who care for the crew and everyone in it. They also maintain order and run frequent pillages. All senior officers are required to, gain the trust of the crew, other senior officers, and the Captain. They also should be active and willing to train other pirates to become officers.

Fleet officers

Fleet officers are skilled and content people making their way up the ladder of success. The job of the fleet officer is to learn from and assist the senior officers and captain when needed. To become a fleet officer in The Jazzie Crew, members have to gain the trust of the crew and have solids in all duty puzzles.


Officers are new to The Jazzie Crew and getting to know the ropes and how the crew runs. The senior officers (mainly Bigsword) train the officers from pirates as soon as possible, to have them fighting their way to the top and learning all they can. Officers in The Jazzie Crew should have at least narrows in all duty puzzles and go through officer training with a senior officer.


The Jazzie Crew strives to train its pirates to become officers as soon as possible. To become a pirate you just have to ask (and subscribe).