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Epimetheus is captain of Hindsight on the Cobalt Ocean. He is commonly referred to as "Epi", since most people cannot easily remember the full spelling of his name. He is married to Pandorra, co-founder and senior officer of Hindsight.



Formerly known as Bostonian on Midnight, Epi moved to Cobalt as his primary ocean in late July 2005 to escape a past of political ties and drama. Upon exploration of this new ocean, he joined the flag Nation of PoE Snatchers for several months, until the dissolution of several crews spawned drama that Epi was known to despise, causing him to seek a new group of mates to enjoy the company of. With a lack of non-political flags on Cobalt at the time, Epi decided to create his own crew and flag with no aspirations of island ownership, wars, or allies. On August 21, 2006, Unholy Saints of Pandora and Roaming Titans were disbanded. It was then that Epi went on a sabbatical.

Upon his return on May 30, 2007, he created the crew Hindsight. It can also be noted that sometime close to his reappearance on Cobalt, his hair turned from light brown to white.

In September 2007, Epi began the emigration to Hunter, where he now spends most of his time.

Contributions and Accomplishments

1August 2005 - December 2005.
2Sold to Dcyborg upon Epi's move to Hunter.

Notable Trinkets

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