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Ellsbells is captain and profiteer of the crew Yakuza, under the flag United Nations, on the Viridian Ocean.

Contributions, Awards and Accomplishments


Ellsbells started playing Puzzle Pirates in mid 2005, and quickly got accepted into a small crew. Soon after, following a talk with his captain, dreamt of owning his own crew. He soon after left the crew in search of greater profits and fame and join Nagamar. After heavy saving and a few helpfull hearties, he left Nagamar and started his own crew, The Gravity Gunners. This proved to be a total disaster and he later dispanded the crew and sold the two sloops he had managed to buy. Ellsbells then quit playing Puzzle Pirates, disgusted with his internet connection, and his own incompetence.

A year later.

A year later Ellsbells decided to start up his dream of owning his own crew but this time was going for gold, his own flag, co-run with his brother AdmiralpieAdmiralpie, but not before heavy training and investment. Will his dream come true of will it be an unlucky second try..?


Ellsbells set up his own crew, Yakuza, on the 28 August 2009, after a week of heavy intense pillaging, the crew gathered enough fame to start its own flag, Organised Crime. Ellsbells' dreams had come true.