Elements of Viridian

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Elements of Viridian at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Osira
Senior Officer(s) Tilvie, Venemous
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Ashes of the Realm
Founded 18 October, 2005
Last updated on 16 January, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Elements of Viridian is a crew that sails the Meridian Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of Ashes of the Realm.

It's a small but fun-lovin' bunch of friendly pirates who pillage as often as they're able on one of their many fine ships. Anyone is welcome to join, all you need to do is ask nicely and offer a plate of cookies and a mug o' rum. We don't have official crew colours, you're free to wear whatever you like, although we are mighty fond of black.

History of Elements of Viridian

Elements of Viridian was founded on 18 October, 2005.

On 22 October, 2006 Elements of Viridian attained 5th on the crew fame list.

Twice other crews have merged into Elements of Viridian. After one merge, the name of the crew was changed to Minions of Viridian. It was however eventually changed back to the original Elements of Viridian.

On 15 November, 2006 Osira became captain of the crew, taking over from Jackdepirate who didn't have the time required to ensure that the crew continued to flourish.

By June of 2007 Osira had stepped down from to allow Jackdepirate to return to the captaincy.

By the end of 2010 the crew had moved from the flag The Savage Realm to Ashes of the Realm.

Public Statement

We love to pillage and plunder though, and we do so as often as we're able!

We're always looking for new pirates to welcome into our piratey family. We're especially interested in experienced officers. If ye'd like to join us, bring some rum and cookies and ask any online officer. To be a pirate ye must have at least master in gunning, and no newcomers will be made a fleet or senior officer immediately upon joining since these positions require trust, so please don't ask.

Crew Articles

General Rules

  1. Don't swear, be rude or fight with one another and please don't spam the chat channels. Ignoring this may result in planking, blackspotting or even being expelled from the crew.
  2. Ask PTB (Permission to Board) and obtain permission before boarding any Sloop or Cutter. If you don't ask, you may find yourself swimming for shore. If you board a larger ship and are asked to leave, please do so as sometimes special pillages are run which are by invitation only.
  3. If you are planked from a ship, do not return to that vessel without obtaining permission first.
  4. If won during a pillage, Kraken's blood will be divided at the discretion of the officer in charge. Often it's shared amongst the officers and those who were doing well throughout the pillage.
  5. If gold ore is foraged it's to be sold and the Pieces of Eight (poe) divided equally between the officer in charge, the owner of the vessel and the person who foraged it.
  6. Don't beg. Everyone was a greenie in the beginning and had to earn their way.

Pillaging Rules

  1. Follow the orders of the officers in charge.
  2. Two booches in a row on the duty report will likely result in being planked since this shows you're not applying yourself to your station.
  3. If you are caught napping while on a pillage you will be planked.
  4. The booty chest, crow's nest, ship's hold and navigational wheel are not acceptable stations and visiting these areas during a pillage may result in being planked. After each battle the total booty will be announced and if you need to see where we are on the ocean please consult your map of Yer known world in your booty panel rather than leaving your station to go all the way to the nav wheel.
  5. Keep chatter to a minimum and don't bother the bnavver during battle as this is very distracting and could result in being blown to bits.
  6. Lazing won't be tolerated and if you choose to laze, you'll be planked and minused during booty division.
  7. Please use English only on public chat channels.

Officer Rules

  1. Be friendly at all times. When giving orders during a pillage, please be polite.
  2. Absolutely no dockpressing. If you need pirates aboard your ship for a pillage use the appropriate methods for hiring them.
  3. Officers must hold their own pillages to make use of their badge and to help with the crew fame and membership numbers.
  4. With the exception of Kraken's blood and gold ore, commodities won during battles will either be sold into the booty and divided, or left in the ship's hold for the owner of the ship.
  5. When on a pillage, do not order people to stations, set the vessel to sail, laze or divide booty unless asked to by the captain or the officer in charge.
  6. Participate in any crew meetings to help keep the lines of communication open and keep things going smoothly.
  7. If you are pillaging on someone else's ship you will fully restock it at the completion of your pillage and leave 10% of the remaining restock money in the ship's coffers for the ship owner. Restocking the ship is your responsibility, don't ask others to pitch in. Be certain to also read the officer's bulletin on the ship to see if there are any special requirements about using the ship.
  8. Before setting sail, you ought to have 5 people on board (not bots) and you should have enough poe in your pocket to completely restock the ship, as well as enough poe in hand to pay your crew should the pillage turn out badly.
  9. Don't hire people just to port. If you hire pirates and they work for you but don't get a chance to fight in sea battle before you reach port, give them a + share during booty division.
  10. Never leave a pillage you are leading unless it's an absolute emergency. In that case, if time permits, find someone else who can take over the pillage for you. Real life trumps a game, but we'd rather not have ships abandoned at sea. Leaving a ship at sea will most likely lead to a demotion.
  11. Plan ahead - have some other crew member or hearties willing to come help you out should your jobbers leave you stranded during your pillage or should things go badly for you. If you don't plan ahead and get into trouble, you may ask for help, but please do not guilt other members into coming to help bail you out.
  12. Don't engage in PVP battles unless approved to do so by the captain.
  13. Don't begin a pillage unless you will have sufficient time to complete it.
  14. Any leftover restock on a ship larger than a cutter is to be divided amongst the other officers who helped you out unless it was a pillage for the purpose of enlarging our fleet of ships. To share the restock, deport the ship, place the restock cut back into the booty, port again then divide the booty for a second time, this time set the restock cut to zero and minus all non-officers. Doing so will show cabin persons and pirates the value of becoming an officer and motivate them to improve their standings so that they can become officers themselves.
  15. Don't engage the enemy when your ship is badly damaged.

Promotion Requirements

  • Jobbing Pirate - Take a job with us!
  • Cabin Person: Ask any officer to join the crew. If you're on a pillage with us and would like to join please wait until we port if at all possible.
  • Pirate: Train in the navy and obtain a standing of at least master in Gunnery. If you're unsure how to get the gunning mission, consult the YPPedia article regarding missions. You will also have to purchase a pirate badge from the Palace Shoppe. To get to the Palace Shoppe click your Ye tab, then the Info button, and then the Palace Shoppe button. From there you will see tabs for the various things available at the Palace Shoppe. Choose badges and select the pirate badge. The cost is 1 doubloon.
  • Officer: Generally, you must obtain at least least broad in all piracy skills including Sailing, Bilging and Carpentry. If you also obtain a broad in gunning it would help. You will also have to purchase the badge from the Palace Shoppe. This position also requires that you have a sword other than a foil or stick, as well as a bludgeon. You may also need to prove your abilities in sea battle. The cost of an officer badge is 8 doubloons.
  • Fleet Officer: This position requires trust and no newcomers will be immediately promoted to this status. To become a fleet officer you must go through the officer status, have at least master in battle navigation and be competent at leading pillages as you must be ready to assist in the training of new officers. You must also own your own ship, any size. The cost of a badge is 8 doubloons.
  • Senior Officer: Senior Officers are selected by the captain and must be trustworthy, knowledgeable and friendly. This position requires a solid in all piracy skills excluding gunnery. The cost of a badge is 10 doubloons.

Note: The captain can assign ranks to whoever she would like, regardless of the standings displayed on a pirate's info page. For instance, someone she knows from another ocean starts to play on Viridian and joins our crew. On Viridian they have greenie stats, but the captain has seen their stats on the other ocean and promotes them accordingly. Another case might be someone who joins in an alt.

Crew Stalls

If you have room on your labour badge please support your mates and take a job at one of the crews fine establishments.

Crew Events

  • Greenie Pillages
  • Crew Tournaments
  • Grand Frigate pillages
  • House Parties
  • Crew Bake-offs
  • Brigand King hunts
  • Elite pillages