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Earning PoE

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Many of the activities in Puzzle Pirates use Pieces of Eight, or PoE. Purchasing clothing, furniture, and ships all require PoE, as well as some events. As a result, many new pirates often wonder how to earn PoE through the game.

Some of the ways you can earn PoE are listed in this table:

Sailing Carpentry Bilging Navigation Jobbing pirate Swordfighting Rumble Gunnery
Sailing Carpentry Bilging Navigation Jobbing Swordfighting Rumble Gunnery


Jobbing with the navy

Jobbing with the navy is the very first thing many pirates do. It doesn't pay much but you can quickly improve your stats. To job with the navy, while on the docks, click on the notice board. This is near the dock, and is a small column with paper attached to it. When the notice board comes up, the first page you will see is the missions page. Here you can choose what mission you would like. However, you can only get some missions with certain experience. See the navy page for more details.

Notice Board.png Notice Board Stone.png

Jobbing with a crew

Mission Board

Jobbing with a crew is another important part of the game. When you feel like sailing, and no-one in your crew is on, job with a player crew. To do so, go to the Notice Board and click on the tab named Voyages. Here you can job for crews and earn booty.

If they want ye on the ship, they will respond with an invitation. Click "Accept" and ye will be whisked off to their ship to work with them.

Also please only job for one crew at a time to prevent spamming vessels with jobber notices that they can't accept.

Joining a crew

If you have jobbed with a crew and ye feel like they are a good place to work, join them! While jobbing with the crew, ask the head officer to offer ye a job. If they offer you a job, click "Accept" and ye will be hired into the crew as a Cabin Person. Ye can advance the rankings through the crew's advancement policy, which varies by crew.

Please be aware you can only be a member of one crew at a time and a jobber of one crew at a time.


The puzzles are the tool to the game. During pillages, you will likely be asked to assist the ship by puzzling. Many shoppes and stalls also have puzzles you can perform to earn PoE.


Sailing Puzzle

Sailing is one of the basic duty puzzles that every Pirate should know how to play. The basic idea is taking 2x1 blocks of spheres and placing them, according to color, on targets on platforms. There are three to five targets on each board. You can also form rows of four or more to clear those pieces. This is something to be aware of when placing pieces in targets. Also remember that blocking the entrance of the pieces will end the current board and will significantly reduce your performance.

Combinations are key in Sailing, breaking rows of four and clearing platforms can set off chain reactions of pieces. The more combinations you do, the more yer sail catches the wind!

The meter for how you are doing is a small ship rocking back and forth in the upper-right corner of the game screen. If the sail is down and blue, it means you are not contributing to the sailing meter much. If it is fully up and golden, it means you are doing excellent and you are adding lots of speed to the ship. There are stages in between designated by the sail's color and position.

Sailsad.png Sailgold.png


Carpentry Puzzle

Carpentry is also an important duty station on a ship. Carpentry is repairing holes in the ship to reduce damage. Damage can be caused by cannon shots in battle, natural sailing, or running into rocks while in a sea battle.

The object of Carpentry is to place pieces effectively by not overlapping other pieces or the sides and not leaving gaps. Each piece is made of five squares arranged together touching a flat side of another square (i.e., not diagonally). Every hole starts out with the possibility of being completed perfectly. If you neglect to fill a square with anything, the hole will get bigger! Therefore, a good carpenter will work to fill all the holes with as few pieces as possible, and fix the damage to yer ship!

Your performance is visually shown through a hammer. If the hammer is brown and not moving, it means you're not doing a good job.However if the hammer is moving very quickly and golden, it means you are doing incredibly good.


Bilging Puzzle

Bilging is another major station on a ship. Bilging is used to clear water in order to keep the ship from slowing down.

The object of this puzzle is to swap pieces into rows or columns of three or more to reduce water levels in the ship. Typically, you want to start off with at least a 3x3 (clearing two lines of three simultaneously), since that will give you a good start.

You will want to use one move to make rows and columns most of the time. Rarely use two moves, and almost never use more. Each move you make that doesn't clear something costs you rating. The better you do, the faster the water goes down!

Special Pieces
There are three special critters in the game, which can help you. Using them helps yer water go down faster!

Bilge Critters.png


Navigation Puzzle

Navigating is a puzzle only officers and up can freely do, although if other pirates can if they are ordered. In order to navigate, you must be a subscriber or have at least a Pirate badge. In this puzzle, you have a navigation wheel, with three rings of eight spaces. There are five different colors, and your main objective is to clear constellations.

These are small circles that are outlined in the color piece that is needed there. When all circles are filled with their respective colors, they disappear and you get a bonus.

If a piece falls onto a piece in the upper-most ring, it's a booch, and the booch is announced to the entire ship, and the ship turns around with a loss of some speed.

The better you do at this puzzle, the more the others' effects are "amplified" on the ship. Doing incredible on this will boost the ship's performance in almost everything, and make yer ship go faster!


Swordfighting Puzzle

Swordfighting is a game of skill when two people fight against each other in a Tetris-style game. It is also a major part of sea combat, where yer crew can win booty!

The objective is to fill up your opponent's board before they fill up yours. To do this, you send strikes. Strikes come in two forms:

  • Sprinkles, which are little Grey blocks that will transform into normal blocks after two turns
  • Swords, which are large swords that crash down, destroying blocks below them equal to the swords' width, which will turn into normal blocks in three turns

The better you are as a swordfighter, the faster you can defeat yer opponent, and maybe win his or her PoE! On a ship, ye will fight with yer crew, and if yer crew wins, ye will plunder booty from the other ship! Arrr!!

There are many swords ye can fight with. Each different sword sends a different attack to yer opponent. If yer interested in the different types, look at the sword article. Ye can purchase new swords from an iron monger on a colonized island.

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