Domination or Damnation

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Domination or Damnation at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Captain Barnaclebess
Senior Officer(s) Briggund, Dustee, Jfmaa, Maranthalas, Mirrabella
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Wave of Destruction
Founded 2 July, 2008
Dormant or disbanded as of 20 December, 2010
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Domination or Damnation is a crew that sails the Hunter Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of Wave of Destruction.

The crew be a bunch of hard workin, fun lovin Puzzle Pirate addicts that love to earn PoE.


Domination or Damnation was founded on 2 July, 2008 by Barnaclebess on the Hunter Ocean.


  • Domination or Damnation is ranked in the top fifteen of Hunter crews
  • Domination or Damnation reached Eminent fame
  • Domination or Damnation reached Illustrious fame on 8/16/09 which means breaking into the top 10 crews in the whole ocean

Public Statement

This crew uses a strict Permission to Board (PTB) rule. If you don't know about PTB then you can find out how and why we use it in the crew's private statement.

No beggin be allowed here. We will not buy nor help you buy any of yer badges. We are not banks. We came in rags just like ye and worked into our fineries. You came here to play a game so play it to earn those PoEs.

We prolly will never be the biggest nor the mightiest crew but we will be the closest bunch of pirates ye ever laid eyes on because there is strength in unity. And with that strength we will accomplish mighty things!

If this sounds like the crew for you then please talk to an Officer or higher before the vessel leaves port or when it reaches it's final destination. Do not send tells while the vessel is at sea as the everyone is likely to be busy with their duties and cannot be messin with that.

Crew Promotion Policies

Cabin person: Join the crew.

Pirate: Must have Narrow experience in Bilging, Carpentry and Sailing.

Officer: Must have Broad or higher experience in Carpentry, Bilging, Sailing, Gunning and Narrow or higher experience in dNav and bNav. Ye must be ranked at Distinguished or higher in each of the Piracy Skills except Treasure Haul. If ye are bestowed with this rank ye will have to purchase an officer badge for 8 Doubloons (available at the Palace Shoppee) in order to enjoy the privileges of yer rank.

Fleet officer (FO): Must have Solid or higher experience with a rank of Master or higher in each of the Piracy Skills except Rumble, Swordfight and Treasure Haul. In addition ye must be Distinguished or higher at Swordfight and Rumble. Ye must be able to run a pilly by yerself and keep yer cool even under the most challenging of situations. You must also be able to XO on a big ship. Most importantly this rank is not a right but a privilege that is bestowed upon crew members that are loyal and have earned the trust of the Captain and Senior Officers. Do not ask for this rank as it will be given when we feel you are ready to handle the position. If ye are bestowed with this rank ye will have to purchase an officer badge for 8 Doubloons (available at the Palace Shoppe) in order to enjoy the privileges of yer rank.

Senior officer (SO): This rank is reserved for only the most trusted of crew members. Senior Officers must be able to do all of the above but they must also be able to handle the crew in my absence. The SOs help to decide what is best for the crew and who is ready for promotions. An SO is also in charge when I am not on. Again this rank is a privilege and not a right and will be bestowed upon those individuals we feel deserve it. If ye are promoted to this rank ye will have to purchase an SO badge at the palace shoppe for 10 Doubloons in order to enjoy the privileges of yer new rank.

Captain: Over me dead body so fogetaboutit!

Crew Shoppes

Help wanted
Icon apothecary.png
Icon weavery.png
Icon tailor.png
Icon iron monger.png
Icon distillery.png
Icon shipyard.png
Barnaclebess's Apothecary Stall
Sayers Rock
Barnaclebess's Weaving Stall
Barnaclebess's Tailoring Stall
Sayers Rock
Barnaclebess's Ironworking Stall
Iron Monger
Barnaclebess's Distilling Stall
Briggund's Shipbuilding Stall

Hunter Housing

Crew Housing
Icon Mansion.png
Mayfair Mansions
Pukru Island