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This article is for the pirate Devilx on Meridian and Emerald. For the deleted pirate formerly on Sage, please see "Devilx (Sage)".

Devilx is a pirate on the Meridian and Emerald oceans (originally from Viridian and Sage, respectively). On Meridian, he is the captain of the crew Lilith's Perfume and a prince of the flag Imperial Coalition. On Emerald, he is a senior officer of the crew Geryon and the king of the flag Quid Pro Quo.

In real life, he is married to Yasmi.

Devilx has the following renamed ships:

  • Evil Diabo
  • Flying Scupper (custom rename)
  • Frightened Piggy
  • Pinky Pinkie
  • Pinky Pizza
  • Queen Pythonesses Revenge (custom rename)

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