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Devilarron is a pirate from the Sage Ocean.


Devilarron started Puzzle Pirates on the Viridian Ocean. He joined the crew The Lost Lot and fit in well. When Sage opened the crew The Lost Lot moved over and so did he. After leaving The Lost Lot Devilarron went through a succession of various different crews.

Devilarron then went on to make the crew Devil's Despair, which turned into a success after helping to found Lunatic Fringe with Antix which succeeded in securing Ashkelon Arch and Admiral Island.

Since then Devilarron has had success in being captain in moderately successful crews and king in flags such as Love and Hate and When Angels Cry Blood.

Devilarron came back to sage at the beginning of May 2009 and has since made his own crew called Ultra Violence. Pirates can usually find him playing poker or on a ship pillaging.



  • King in Love and Hate
  • King in When Angels Cry Blood


  • Captain in Devil's Despair
  • Captain in Ultra Violence