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Flag Title

Icon royalty.png Prince

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Jerry Lee
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Darthpie is the captain and wench of the crew Unforgiving and prince of the flag Relentless. He sails the Cobalt Ocean where pirates may also find him as Salomon.



Darthpie began his pirate life in early 2006/late 2005. He joined a crew no one can remember. He later went on to join Pjc's series of crews before joining Pirates of the Caribbean. Darthpie joined Nam Tu and made new friends and had a great time.

His most recent crew was Cinder and Smoke where he had the best time in a crew (and he recommends joining them). Now Darthpie is in Unforgiving where he is captain.

Contributions and Achievements

  • Captain of the crew Unforgiving
  • Former fleet officer of the crew Cinder and Smoke



A Passionate flower for a passionate boy <3 love you with all my heart happy v da
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Colors-trinket-Rose with card.png

Defeated by "Darthpie"
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To Darfy thanks for being an awesome friend ♥♥ love Jessy ♥♥
Item box unequip.png
Trinket-Valentine's card (lipstick).png

Happy birthday to my best fend ever and i treasure you very much! lov ya's Panthy
Item box unequip.png
Colors-trinket-Greeting card.png

if i die n go to heaven il put your name of a golden star or al angels can see how much you mean to me
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Trinket-Chocolate chip cookies.png

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