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Darkweasel is a fleet officer of the crew Red Herring and a member of the flag Riot on the Midnight Ocean.


Darkweasel was introduced to the game by one of her real-life friends. Afer creating an account, she found herself on the Sage Ocean, where she played for one year. After deciding that Sage was not a good fit for her, she moved onto the Midnight Ocean because she knew of its long history.

The first pillage she joined was with the crew Guppy Wackers. She enjoyed the pillage enough to join the crew. After one month, she decided to move on.

She and a friend from Guppy Wackers, Jokes, started a new crew together, Blue Violets. They began the search for a flag to call home, and eventually found themselves in Elysian Fields. Darkweasel made many close friends in Elysian Fields, including Elizajean, Surfie, Stickyikky, Isabellgrace, and Trixylicks.

Unfortunately, Jokes and Darkweasel began having disagreements about how to properly run their crew. Jokes merged the crew into Belgium Bomb Squad of Don't Panic. Despite quickly making friends with her new captain, Darkweasel did not want to leave Elysian Fields. She joined the crew Shoot to Thrill.

After further disagreements with Jokes, Darkweasel decided to take an extended break from the game and ended her subscription. After only a month, she returned to the game where she achieved the rank of senior officer in Shoot to Thrill. She eventually moved into Steel Magnolias in the flag Liberty Hull and later moved to the crew Red Herring.