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Cugix is a pirate on the Sage Ocean. Currently he is an officer of the crew Tales from the Deep sailing under the flag of Jigsaw Tessellators.


Cugix lives on Admiral Island in the Gull Archipelago. He's married to Sinix. His favorite ships are: sloops, dhows, baghlahs, xebecs, war frigates and grand frigates. He hates cutters, traitors and lazers if there are stations to be filled.


History Long version

After doing his first pillage with Dominators of Sage (at that time still under Raving Nation) , he was recruited by Clubbette (called Ette by some but Innette by Cugix because her of her poker addiction).

After staying a month in the crew Dominators of Sage, he went on a pillage with Alfhild (at that time of event, a captain of the crew Shooting Stars of Sage and queen of flag Fearless Privateers)which was a good pillage, so he joined her crew, upon reaching the Pirate rank, he begun his work on getting the stats required for the Officer Training Coarse of Shooting Stars of Sage. When he reached the requirements needed, Madmads allowed him to do the coarse.

Whilst he was waiting for the last supervised pillage of the OTC of SSoS, he met Astumori, Captain of the young crewBlood Lust]] who asked him to help him with his crew. Cugix accepted this and was ranked fleet officer. A few days later,Astumori]]found him ready to be a senior officer and shortly after that he became his first mate. Not long after that he met Clubbette in the Inn on Admiral Island which he promised to help with blockades and stuff (mostly because Dominant Storm was just founded) they became hearties.

When Astumori didnt show up for a week with out any reason, Cugix decided to help Doomd with his crew The Royal Fleet (this crew would merge with DoS later), he was ranked senior officer, and bought a sloop. Few days Later he became Doomd's first mate.

When Doomd made his flag The Royal Armarda (which name he spelled wrong from excitement) he was made a prince by Doomd, and the waiting for a blockade action begun.

But it didn't, the flag of Royals Armdarda didn't login anymore. Cugix had enough, so when Clubbette logged on, he asked her which rank he would get if he rejoined DoS. Ette thought the rank of Officer would be good to start of with, but Ette was busy so she asked Tropicalgal (captain of DoS and queen of DOMINANT STROM) to invite Cugix. Soon after all this he traded the sloop that he has in for a cutter, a ship he hates very much now.

After a week or so, he asked Tropicalgal if he could be a fleet officer, she made him one if he would work on his stats, which he did. She also told him if he would get only 2 ables in his Piracy Stats she would make him SO, which he became when the time had come. A few days after his promotion to SO, he noticed that Tropicalgal was very busy and that the Officers were badly trained, he proposed to Tropicalgal to make an officer training program, she agreed to this and made him co-ordinator. When all the things of the OTP were to complicated and long to put in the crew info, he asked Tropicalgal if he was allowed to make a crew forum, she agreed that DoS might need this and allowed Cugix to make a crew forum. Candybbz was flag forum admin, but when she left, the flag forum didn't have any admins, so Cugix' crew forum was bombarded to flag and crew forum which can be found by clicking here. After that, he traded the cutter for a dhow. This is Cugix's current state. The only thing Cugix wants to change at the moment is which ships he has.

Recently, Cugix's skill in being an MAA was discovered, till now he didn't loose any frays which he MAA'ed for.

During an event blockade, Hannylu called upon Cugix to be his XO. Of coarse Cugix helped Hannylu out, and switched to White Star Line. Because Cugix had a wide range of knowledge of WSL (since he been there before Hannylu took over from Tropicalgal), and was in DoS with Hannylu, he was promoted to SO right of the bat.

When his original crew was on the brink of dormancy, he returned to it. To support Dutchharley which would make him capt if he couldn't do it annymore and gave him the First Mate. How ever Trop took back control due to a misunderstanding, ty for that btw Sinix, but she promised him to make him a co-captain. Since he is one of the few which noticed the lack of officer knowledge of officers and above in the crew he offered Trop to make a new and better form of the OTP. The OTA is the result of this, this is in effect since 1st of January 2009. All new Officers are not to sail alone until the OTA is completed.

After a while Cugix felt like it was time to advance and bought the crew The New Romantics from Tichnay and was assigned the rank of prince in DS

On March 1st he decided it was now time to make his own flag. He found help with the Alliance of Freelancers Association, he made the flag Alliance of Freelancers

After a few months Cugix decided it was time to move back to DoS for a while to help out his old friend Dutchharley. In the time that he was gone alot had changed and happend in the flag and crew.

After being captain of DoS for a short period he stepped down from that position. His motivation for doing this was because he didn't have enough time to rebuild the crew to it's former glory. He passed on the hat by voting on the posted issue to Blahe. After all the formalities he used his contact for a job with a crew called Tales from the Deep flying under the flag of Jigsaw Tessellators

Renamed Ships

  • Baghlahs: Dominant Shark (port: Admiral, prior to 17-07-08 known as Crazy Anchovy, used as admiral ship for the Kiwara XIV, blockades).


  • idc
  • zip
  • meh me lapke (dutch for holy crap)
  • wil je een punneke (dutch for you want a kiss?)
  • hopa!
  • want cookie?