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Crx is a senior officer and strategist of the crew Hellas and a member of the flag Post Mortem. He roams the Viridian Ocean.


Crx was captain and founder of the crew Hellas (created after Greek Armada went under). Crx is known as a pirate who can do any duty puzzle the right way from bilging to battle navigation.

It is said he lead Hellas onto victory every day. Hellas was number one in crew fame for months, rising to the top in their first month of existence, and was in the flag Spartans. He was the king of this flag too. Hellas is currently number 3 in crew fame on Viridian Ocean and was part of the flag Greek Spartans where Crx was a prince.

It is said that he began the downfall of the once-dominant Viridian flag Brotherhood w-o Banners after his crew left following the Terra Island blockade.

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