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Confidence at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Monarch Linis of Destination
Member crew(s) crew anme here, Destination, Faith For Freedom, The Flying Dutchmenn, Golden Eel, Golden Fleece, incredibler's raiders , Leviathan's Wrath, New Age Poker, Ocean's Eleven, Rise of Downfall, Symphony Of Destruction
Founded 19 September, 2009
Dormant or disbanded as of 25 January, 2011
Favicon.png Flag Info

Confidence was a flag of the Viridian Ocean. It was founded on 19 September 2009.


Confidence was one of Viridian's largest flags. At its peak, Confidence held Illustrious fame.

First Royal Council

Confidence was created intentionally by 2 crews, Golden Fleece and Destination. Sinkfun of Golden fleece was installed as King whilst Linis was royalty for Destination.

Leter on Magnumman and Incredibler earned royalty as they greatly helped with expanding the flag. Peterfgh was also added as royal.

Magnumman sold her crew and therefore left the flag and lost her royal position.

Second Royal Council

23 October 2009 - Sinkfun got banned and Linis took over as King. Baardmans was promoted as royalty and Peterfgh had left the flag.

Goktug earned himself a Royal position for his Loyalty and help towards the flag.

The new Royal team now consisted of Linis as king; Baardmans, Incredibler and Goktug as royals; Mamsje and banned Sinkfun (communication goes through Forums and MSN) as "behind the scenes" decision makers.

Third Royal Council

29 October 2009 - Due to Mamsje willing to be royal, Linis took a step down. Baardmans got promoted to king whilst Mamsje was then the royal for "Destination".

31 October 2009 - Linis left his crew and flag because of an argument, at this time also ex-king Sinkfun stopped supporting his old flag.

Public Statement

Have confidence, Trust us. Have a little Faith in us!

Join us if you have confidence. Loyalty and faith in each other is what this flag is based on. Respect yer fellow pirates or stay as far away from us as possible.

With us , it takes loyalty to gain a royalty, we aint Giving you a royal so you would be loyal. Join us and have fun, If thats not what yer here for, then pls go and run.