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Destination at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Captain Mamsje
Senior Officer(s) Abrownie , Allainn, Andystarzz, Arnoldthepro, Fraiser, Grouper, Iong, Kandou, Kolonelbyrd, Ladynotorius, Mickwri, Missbeautif, Nabb, Rafahell, Roseau, Snooppdog, Superhit, Teckfuze, Theresonlyme, Walas, Wolfs, Yourmomsmom
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Pillars of Confidence
Founded 5 August, 2009
Dormant or disbanded as of 21 May, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info

Destination was a crew on the Viridian Ocean.

Public Statement

How true the name! Welcome home:)

Extended Public Statement

True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like autumn leaves, found everywhere. This is the home of the good friends and the wind has taken care of the autumn leaves.

Rules you should follow:

  1. Be respectful.
  2. PTB (= Permission To Board), ALWAYS ask for Permission To Board.
  3. Don't be AFK without telling the OIC (= Officer in Charge)
  4. NO shouting unless you are the OIC.
  5. DON'T disturb the b'naver.
  6. NO gunning unless you're asked to.
  7. DON'T leave during battle.
  8. DON't leave SMH once they are in.
  9. ALWAYS restock the vessel you used.
  10. DON't go out undermanned. At a sloop have one on each station at least.
  11. When you CAH (call all hands) you MUST deselect the ones 'In port/sailing' and 'In battle'. Make sure you have ONLY the ones ASHORE selected. And please do no spam us with it. Thank you.
  12. NO begging, spamming, cursing, cheating or stealing.
  13. Speak English over the crewchat.
  14. Have fun.


  • Cabin person: we don't have them *)
  • Pirate: you always start as pirate
  • Officer (O): 3 broads in duty puzzles & distinquished b'nav
  • non-b'naving officer: 3 master + in duty stations
  • Fleetofficer (FO): 3 solids in duty puzzles, respected b'nav and our trust
  • Seniorofficer (SO): for the captain and SO's to decide

*) the rank cabin person will be used as punishement seat

Dutystation = bilge, sails, rigs, guns and carp

The crewhouse is at Kirin, under houses, Tears of Neptune. You're all welcome there :)

There's a b'nav simulator where you can login with your PP pirate. You can find it: It's great to practise and to pvp against each other for training. One makes a room and the others can just join it. See you there :)

More great tools:

  • (it's a commodity trader, great for traders and stall managers)
  • (it's got to much too mention, like a crewlist, damage counter, all ships and their specifics, a black list and this great splash and yell when you plank someone). If you have problems making it work, ask me, badonkajonck or kolpoltwo, we can solve it)

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