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Clockwise began his journey as a pirate on the Sage Ocean. He enjoys sailing for long periods of times.


  • Officer of Obsidian Daggers (formerly)
  • Senior Officer of Death Wish (formerly)
  • Senior Officer of Cannon Fodder (formerly)
  • Fleet Officer of Siren's Song (formerly)
  • Fleet Officer of The Mad Tea Party (formerly)
  • Attained #1 Sailing on 12 January 2007
  • Obtain hook injury on 20 Feb 2008 on Podling SMH
  • Obtain starfish injury on 6 March 2008
  • Obtain pegleg injury on 9 March 2008 on Kritikal SMH
  • Obtain Spires of Tackle trophy on 24 March 2008
  • Obtain eyepatch injury on 25 Nov 2008 on Eternity SMH


Clockwise started sailing the seas in August 2007. His favourite station till date is Sailing. He joined Obsidian Daggers as a pirate on 09 Sept 2007. He begged Daggerdarla to make him an officer so that he would have a nicer hat and soon got his wish.

He enjoys running fruit running of his own and also help others with their trading expeditions. Instead of pillaging, he is learning how to become a merchant.

His new captain, Skymike has taught him a lot during his stay in Death Wish. Onlyyou, a Senior officer in the crew, has also got Clockwise his own Merchant Brig named Ticktock.

After a period of retirement, Clockwise is now back and still sails on special voyages in hopes of getting the next sail token trophy (if any).

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Clockwise's Sailing Videos

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