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Cleatus Jr.
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Cleatus is a fleet officer and diplomat of the crew Davy Jones Locker. He is a ensign in the Sakejima Island Navy in the Jade Archipelago and sails the Meridian Ocean. He is a member of the flag La Roise Nore.


Starting out

Cleatus washed up on the shores of Sakejima Island in May 2008. He was recruited in to the crew Roussea by a good friend, Jeraldo, a senior officer at the time.


The captain of the crew was Alexanderr, but when dormant,Jeraldo was voted in to captaincy. Roussea kept growing till more and more pirates started to leave and go dormant and another SO Psychoo merged the crew into Armada of Apocalypse.


Cleatus and Youshen met when he recruited her into Roussea as a pirate. Cleatus and Youshen are longtime friends and Youshen refers to Cleatus as her, "cute bum friend", due to his outfit always consisting of rags. Cleatus appointed Youshen as manager at his iron monger stall on Lima Island, also Cleatus has made her alt roomate in his shack on Sakejima Island. She has made an alt named Endings and Cleatus made her a SO in his crew. Right now, though, Endings is captain since Cleatus hasn't been on too much lately.

Dark Nights

When Jeraldo went dormant Roussea merged in to Armada of Apocalypse. Then Cleatus went dormant during the summer months of the year. He met back with Jeraldo again and Jeraldo had Cleatus join the Dark Nights, which Jeraldo's friend Chefbobb, was captain of. Cleatus became a senior officer in Dark Nights until he decided to make his own crew Auburn's Fire. Shortly after Cleatus made his crew, Chefbobb merged back in to Armada of Apocalypse, or known as AoA.

Auburn's Fire

Cleatus founded Auburn's Fire on December 1, 2008. He joined The Wrath of Armageddon, aka:WoA, but he decided to leave and join Vanity Rising to meet new people and explore the ocean.

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