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Catdude is a senior officer of the crew Ocean Crusaders and a prince of the flag ONCOMING STORM. He is a captain in the Napi Peak Navy in the Garnet Archipelago on the Meridian Ocean. His Meridian Ocean alt is named Pantherdude. He is a lieutenant commander in the Saltstraum Rock Navy in the Lacerta Archipelago.

His strong puzzle is his Sailing, where he has Sublime experience and Legendary standing on the Meridian Ocean.


The sloop Smart Anchovy was bought from a shipyard during his first year and is painted blue as a sideboard color and white as the railing. The xebec Deceitful Gurnard was bought during mid-2009 from another shipyard after he won a lot of PoE in a blockade. The war frigate Inexpensive Bass was bought Christmas-time 2009 because he bought a puzzle pirates card that had 90 doubloons on it. The baghlah Smart Pollack was bought during the summer of 2010. He also has another war frigate called the Well-Dressed Hake. He bought 2 war brigs at Napi Peak.

Crew/Flag History

He is a former pirate of the crew Squid Squad on the Meridian Ocean where he pillaged hard with them for a year. Before the merger, on the Malachite Ocean Pantherdude was captain and explorer of the crew The Serieal Pillagers and a member of the flag ONCOMING STORM.

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