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Rogues Of The World

From YPPedia

Rogues Of The World at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Monarch Drajl of Rebellious Soldiers
Member crew(s) Rebellious Soldiers, Rolling Thunder, fleet of chaos, --The Hunters--
Dormant or disbanded as of 23 June, 2006

Rogues Of The World is a flag on the Hunter Ocean, created by Calicojack on May 14th, 2006.



Formed on May 14th 2006.

The flag "Sea Serpants" merged with ROTW on 20th May 2006.

After arriving one and a half hours late for the first blockade on the Hunter ocean, An Event blockade of Accompong island. A few members of Rogues Of The World managed to amass 10 points on a sloop before the end of round 2, then being sunk by Banned in the break between Round 2 and 3.


blowing in the wind

On the 12th of the 6th 06, War between Rogues Of The World and blowing in the wind was declared. After approximately 3 hours the first ship was sunk, a blowing in the wind ship, the battle nav was won 8-0 by Calicojack. The next day a Rogues Of The World ship was sunk, the bnav being 9-6 to blowing in the wind. Then 2 days later, another ship was sunk, a bnav against blowing in the wind ended up with Calicojack winning 9-1.


Currently, the king of Rogues of the World is Captain Drajl of the crew Rebellious Soldiers. The Royalty in Rogues of the World is made up of Princes Nicktheh and Godofsky, all Senior Officers in Rebellious Soldiers,Prince Nelis of the poker pirates, Prince Elhacker of The Rejects, Prince Chalion of Tides of Acheron and Princess Kagura, A Senior Officer in Rebellious Soldiers.


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