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Boosting Barbary/Rebates

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Rebates were on of the ways that the Boosting Barbary Management tried to get people to Barbary island.



Housing Rebates started at the end of July. They we're posted in all the housing Bazaar news' with some details and we're given a URL link to a Google Document about living on Barbary. There was 2 different types of rebate, one which was for buying the House, the other was for Painting or furnishing it. PoE was given for buying a house, and Doubloons were given for decorating it.

Rebate Table

Housing Type Buying Rebate Decorating Rebate Housing Bazaar
Icon Shack.png Shack N/A N/A Sidekick Shacks
Icon Cabin.png Cabin 1,000 Piecesofeight.png Doubloons.png1 Shadow Cabin
Icon Bungalow.png Bungalow 2,000 Piecesofeight.png Doubloons.png2 Ha-Ha-Hacienda
Icon Cottage.png Cottage 4,000 Piecesofeight.png Doubloons.png5 Krypton Kottage
Icon Row house.png Row house 8,000 Piecesofeight.png Doubloons.png9 Hero Houses
Icon Townhouse.png Townhouse 15,000 Piecesofeight.png Doubloons.png19 Stark Towerhouse
Icon Manor.png Manor 30,000 Piecesofeight.png Doubloons.png35 Manor of Steel
Icon Villa.png Villa 60,000 Piecesofeight.png Doubloons.png80 Villayria
Icon Mansion.png Mansion 120,000 Piecesofeight.png Doubloons.png110 Elongated Mansion
Icon Estate.png Estate 250,000 Piecesofeight.png Doubloons.png250 Fortress of Solitude

Claiming Housing Rebates

To claim a housing rebate, you had to talk to the gouverner, Fixation. You had to of brought a house in July or later, if you had brought a house before that, you were not eligable for the PoE rebate. You may still of been able to claim the Doubloon decorating rebate, if you had decorated your house. Auctual News Extract:

  • To get your rebate, please first buy your house then invite Fixation if she's on. If she says that she's busy, please wait patiently, she will get to you!
  • We will be giving out rebates to everyone who buys a house on Barbary, starting this month. So, this means if you've bought a house sometime in the month of July, you are automatically owed a rebate. There will be two kinds of rebates, one for just buying a house (this rebate will be in PoE) and another rebate once you paint and decorate your house (this will be in doubs). Rebates in PoE are not supplied for those who have lived there already, but we will gladly give them the refund in doubs if they have decorated their house.

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