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Blueisland is a senior officer and wench of the crew The Grog Guzzlers on the Meridian Ocean. She is also the queen of the flag The Booze Crew.


Blueisland began her pirate life in 2004 on the Viridian ocean as an different pirate named Fiercekat, originally with Unbreakable Metal Fleet. They were a lovely bunch of pillaging pirates, but alas, due to circumstances Fiercekat had to quit ypp. Then in May of 2007 came back as Fiercecat.

Fiercecat still exists all tho as a lesser used alt of Blueisand. Blueisland was born in July 2007 and promptly joined The Grog Guzzlers. They have been her only and favorite crew because The Grog Guzzlers are a fun spirited, fun loving crew and have become like her family. Most of Blue's time is spent on carousing games like Spades, Hearts, or Poker.

Sometimes Bluey is also known to bravely sail the waters of the Cursed Isles or in an occasional Pillage. Recently she fought her first batch of Monkeys on the Monkey boat which was an interesting and fun experience.

Blueisland is mainly on the Meridian or Ice Oceans, but you can find her on all oceans under the name Blueisland/Blueislands.

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