Blood and Rum

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Blood and Rum
Left-facing Distillery (upgraded) on
Xi Island (Jet Archipelago)
Midnight Ocean
Owner Tigerlilith
Manager(s) Cani
Erected September 2004
Dusted January 2011
Building-Midnight-Blood and Rum.png

Blood and Rum was the first distillery constructed on Xi Island. The distillery was originally given to the crew Bloodlust, for their assistance during Crimson Tide's blockade of Xi Island. Shortly after Bloodlust left Crimson Tide, the deed was sold to Karzdan, captain of the crew Solonor's Arrow.

With the addition of furniture to YPP, there have been many changes to the look and feel of Blood and Rum. Most notable of these changes, the bar shelf and the drinking table. The distillery was sold to Kao, a senior officer of the crew Arctic Blades. Even though business had been lagging behind, Kao worked strenuously to keep the shoppe running. In September 2006 he sold the shoppe to his fellow crewmates Tigerlilith and Cani.


Blood and Rum: 1st Floor.
Blood and Rum: 2nd Floor.