Solonor's Arrow

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Solonor's Arrow at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Sallylass
Senior Officer(s) Karzdan, Sarbear, Satura, Stefie
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Imperio
Dormant or disbanded as of 27 September, 2006

Solonor's Arrow was a crew on the Midnight Ocean, led by Sallylass. It was founded by Karzdan under the flag The Midnight Sun before moving to the flag Imperio. It is currently disbanded and many of its members are now part of La Giustizia Implacabile

Public Statement

Ahoy and welcome to Solonor's Arrow! We be an 18+ crew. We don't babysit and we don't censor. =)

We be lookin' fer pirates who wish to pillage and have fun and like the drama, when it's thrown out the window! If ye have a slightly warped sense of humor, ye should fit right in. All we ask is a hearty 'ello upon boarding. No sword fighting and drinking when we be sailin', or ye'll find yerself swimmin' home! And be forewarned - ye'll also be in fer the long swim if yer idle too long. Permission To Board be REQUIRED unless it's directly after a job, or unless the CO has made sure he/she/it don't care.

We be actively recruitin'! Opportunities for advancement be available, an' we be chompin' at the bit to give them. If ye show good skills and good leadership abilities, becoming an officer will be no problem.

Requirements for promotion be strict but simple! Ask a senior officer about said requirements. Notable points be that ye spread yer lovely labor amongst the crew and flag and sign up with us lovely lot of forumtarts on the flag forums before being promoted to Pirate. Officer requires officer training and ship ownership.

Yarr, welcome aboard with the family of S-A, the rompings of whom are legendary among all of Midnight! Raise a glass, get hammered, and join in the antics. =)

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