Jobbing contact

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Jobbing contact (sometimes known as JC) is a role that is used in a blockade. This pirate is the person that receives all "Job me" tells from other players who wish to take up the blockade jobbing offer. The jobbing contact can be any pirate in the flag but is normally an alt of an officer, an officer or the captain of the flag. Common names used for these pirates are: Job+flag abbreviation eg. Cold fire is shortened to cf. Jobbing Contact would be = Jobcf. Some flags might use a jobbing contact with the Name: Help+Flag abbreviation. Jobbing Contact would be = Helpcf.

The obvious role of the JC is to accept pirates into a jobbing position in the flag. One of the most useful ways in which this can be done is by standing on the ship that is waiting to be loaded with crew and jobbing pirates from there. Once the ship is up to a specified maximum the JC changes ships to begin filling again. The next ship to fill information normally comes from the Admiral or Vice Admiral.