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Blackfletch is the monarch of Seraph's Nightmare, following a successful history as admiral. He is a senior officer in the crew Forbidden Dreams. He was a founding member of the Seraph's Nightmare.

Crews and Flags


Blackfletch currently manages the following stalls and shoppes:

  • Spanishanne's Furnishing Stall on Alpha Island
  • Piggy MacLaren's Land Sales on Hephaestus' Forge
  • Foxielady's Weaving Stall on Hephaestus' Forge
  • Seamly Dreams on Hephaestus' Forge
  • Foxielady's Apothecary Stall on Hephaestus' Forge
  • Wharf Fare on Hephaestus' Forge

Blockade Experience

Blackfletch is one of the most experienced, and arguably successful, blockade admirals on the Midnight Ocean.

  • Hephaestus' Forge II - Defeated Uprising at roughly equal jobber numbers.
  • Meke I - Tried and failed to defend against Avalon. Used mostly as blockade practice for Seraph's Nightmare.
  • Hephaestus' Forge III - Defeated Crimson Tide in a sinking blockade, again at roughly equal jobber numbers.
  • Papaya V - Lost to Don't Panic.
  • Gaea VI - Won an event blockade where only 2 cutters were allowed to be fielded per flag entering. Very much a competition between drivers and admirals rather than how many jobbers can be pulled in.
  • Tinga VI - Defeated Notorious Fandango's attack, though with a jobber advantage of roughly 100 - 40, it wasn't much of an admiralling challenge.
  • Emperor V - Lost to Avalon, though Fletch left after only one round to go admiral at Gaea VII.
  • Gaea VII - Lost Gaea to Avalon as part of the so-called Lilliputian War where the "Lilliput Alliance", composed of Tyr's Own, Black Sheep Brigade, and Seraph's Nightmare attacked Guava, Spring, and Emperor simultaneously. Avalon responded with a drop on Gaea 1/2 hour later, and Avalon successfully managed their jobbers far better than the LA.
  • Tinga VII - Defeated Avalon's attack despite a ~20 jobber disadvantage throughout the blockade.
  • Papaya VII - Lost to Don't Panic after a booched social puzzle got DI outjobbed by roughly 2 to 1.
  • Turtle VIII - Lost to Dies Irae after an even more disastrously booched social puzzle, resulting in being outjobbed roughly 4 to 1.
  • Orca VII - Defeated Faminto por Cerebros despite being slightly outjobbed. Was co-admiral with Evilaurian, and the many separate crews used by the attackers seriously hampered their organization.
  • Eta VIII - Defeated Silver Dawn in a very close, difficult blockade.
  • Eta IX - Defeated Crimson Tide in another very close blockade.
  • Orca VIII - Can't remember if it was Fletch or Lauri admiralling this one....
  • Eta X - Defeated Crimson Tide in another very close blockade.
  • Luthien III - Lost to Carpe Noctem when outjobbed by roughly 2 to 1. Yeah. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!