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Bboysmaster was the captain of the crew -Legacy of Naga- and lord of the flag -Scorpia-. He sailed the Hunter Ocean. This pirate has been deleted.

Career At A Glance

  • Former senior officer of The Sly Scorpion
  • Former king of Dragon Slayers
  • Former senior officer of Eagle's Eye
  • Former senior officer of Dark Seas
  • Former ambassador of Dark Seas
  • Former prince of Brotherhood of Dragons
  • Former senior officer of deaths knives
  • Former treasurer of deaths knives
  • Former captain of -One-
  • Former captain of Diverged Onto New Life


After a period of time in the navy, Bboysmaster met Blackcat, captain of the crew Dark Seas. He joined the crew as a pirate. After a short period as pirate, Bboysmaster was offered the role of officer, which he accepted.

Bboysmaster then spent a restless time moving from crew to crew as he was offered several fleet officer positions. He never settled down and ended up returning to Dark Seas as an officer once again.

After spending some time proving his worth, he was promoted to fleet officer by Killar, a senior officer of Dark Seas. When Killar left to create his own crew, Pirates of Death, Bboysmaster was promoted to senior officer.

Dark Seas left Castigo Final to create their own flag, Brotherhood of Dragons, where Bboysmaster became a lord of the flag. Boysmaster served a short in this flag to assist a hearty in their crew recruitment, without much success. He then returned to Dark Seas and was this time promoted to prince of the flag. Bboysmaster was promoted to king to replace Blackcat because she had a problem with her real life. Bboysmaster fail to rule the flag and leave the flag with his crew to open new one Dragon Slayers. He got second chance of ruling. However he got problem with his real life and made Robunmas king replacing him. After a few month he back active but feeling so left out from the crew, he left and join The Sly Scorpion.

He become senior officer in the crew and after he got his own sloop and cutter, he left the crew to opened his own crew -ONE-. He busy with his life and goes dormant and 2 of his top SO quiting the game causing the crew to lose fame and member drastically. Annoyed by this he merged his crew with Provocateur. He open another new crew, Diverged Onto New Life. After some time he feel like quitting the game so he merged his crew with Provocateur again.

When he come back he leave Provocateur and become crewless for short time. The he open another crew called -Legacy of Naga-.