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Killar is an Senior Officer of the crew Royal Assassins Brigade under the flag West-East Campaign on the Emerald Ocean.

After he came back in 2010 he became in a Officer of the crew Mix n Match on the Hunter Ocean

The young life of Killar

After he started off in 2006 he came in contact with Darksoul Monarch of Castigo X and joined his crew El Cielo Azul. After the leaving of Darksoul seeking for new adventures on other oceans he came in contact with Hazadaki.

Hazadaki started his own crew The Band of Brothers in 2008 and not much later his own flag The Brother Hood. Killar was Hazadaki's Senior Officer and First Mate, when the flag came he became Royalty and ran the flag with him.


After leaving the game in 2008 he got back at 10 Juni of 2010.

He pillaged a bit and visited Atlantis. And as a new experience he has also done a Cursed Isles trip.