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Bad Company (crew)

From YPPedia

This article is about the defunct Emerald Ocean crew. For the Emerald Ocean flag, see Bad Company (flag).
Bad Company at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Captain Tofonall (Purged/deleted)
Senior Officer(s)
Politics Autocratic
Shares Promotion Pays
Flag Affiliation Independent
Founded 10 November, 2007
Defunct as of 20 June, 2008
Favicon.png Crew Info

Bad Company is a defunct, independent crew on the Emerald Ocean. It once sailed under the flag -Omega's Shadow-.


Bad Company was created by Tofonall on November 10, 2007, on the former Hunter Ocean. All was well until mid-December 2007, when one of the captain's friends, Xogg drove him from playing Y!PP. On Valentine's Day 2007, though, Captain Tofonall decided to come back, procaliming that Bad Company would return and become better than before. Because of this, the crew is very small at the moment, but it is growing.

Public statement

I know we're not big and maybe we dont have to many big ships! But we either hit it hard or we dont hit at all!!!-Tofo

Extended public statement

To my fellow crew members or other pirates! This is a message written on January 17 2008 telling you that i will return someday! As long as i live this crew well too and we will rise again! CAUSE WE'RE BAD COMANY TILL THE DAY WE DIE!!!!! -Captain Tofo

Ello i am Cap'n Tofo(tofonall) and this is me crew. Now i dont have Official requirments to promote people but you still have to read this to get promoted.. I have guidelines to being promoted and here they are! And usually ur prmoted straight to pirate but u might not be if u dont come on pillys!

1: The best thing u could do to be promoted is to own a ship! The bigger the better! :)

2: Donations and presents to the cap'n (me tofo) will also get u promoted! And again the bigger the better! :) 3: Stats! high stats! GIGANTOR STATS!

4: Responsibility... self explanatory.

5: Dedication... So going on alot of crew pilly's and being in the crew a long time... and following the guide lines! :) and not being stupid! If u r being stupid expect me to say RTFM!

6: More donations!

7: Trust... see number 5!

8: Knowing what RTFM is

9: Not being annoying and spamming chat... u no who u r

10: I'll get to this later...


Now please join da crew! Woo Hoo!

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