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Familiars Won

Athens is a fleet officer of the crew - Virtute et Armis - and a member of the flag Coerced Coexistence. She sails the Hunter Ocean.



Athens started on Midnight in December of 2004. The first name she chose was Tartmegan, not knowing its true meaning until well after she was yellow. On Midnight she bounced from crew to crew before settling down. Not long after the opening of Cobalt, Tartmegan packed her bags and took up the new name of Elunes on that ocean.

Soon after she moved oceans for the last time and settled down on Hunter under the name Athens. Durning the last days of Carnage, Athens took shelter in Gunnermooch's crew. It didn't take long before mindless chit chat bloomed into something much more. Athens accepted Gunnermooch's proposals of marriage when he created the flag Athens will you marry me.

Awards and accomplishments

♥ Won a blue Ippolito in Atlantis for Brave defense of the ship

♥ Awarded a Galene doll for helping in game with a special task.

♥Athens was one of the first pirates on the Hunter ocean to obtain all four injuries before reaching 100 sinks.

♥Won a Nemesis doll in the VoodoOM Dolls 2008.

♥Won a Demeter doll in the VoodoOM Dolls 2008.

♥Won a Endymion doll in the VoodoOM Dolls 2008.

♥Won a Hermes doll in the VoodoOM Dolls 2008.

♥Won 1st place in the Tour of Mount Olympus forum contest and was given a scarab. Also won the following in the same event.
Blue clam shell - from Glaucus
Blue starfish - from Lindworm

♥ Won a black elephant in the 2008 Halloween events

♥Won a Lump of coal for a honorable mention in 28 Words Later.


To Athens, for helping me with my homework!
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Trinket-Galene doll.png
To Athens for an amazing VoodooOM Endymion doll-Thank you!
Item box unequip.png
Trinket-Endymion doll.png
For Athens, though even Hermes admits that half a doll would have been so much cooler.
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Trinket-Hermes doll.png
Voodoo OM Doll contest, May 2008-Great entry, Athens!
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Trinket-Nemesis doll.png
Please don't stick pins in me!
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Trinket-Demeter doll.png
Athens - Don't stick a pin in the Voodoo Doll!
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Athens, congratulations on your entry to "Dead Leaves Fly", October 2008.
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Brigand King trinkets

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A collection of avatars commissioned by YPP players for Athens.



Renamed ships

♥Candy Mountain, sloop

♥Embroidered Memories, sloop

♥Juniper, sloop

♥Swan Lake, sloop

♥Jasmine, baghlah

♥Pumpkin, sloop

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