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Art:Amazin' Adrielle's Art Ask

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This page is documentation for an event. Please do not modify this page without speaking to the event organizers.
For more information on this event, see the forum topic.

Amazin' Adrielle's Art Ask was an event run by Adrielle on the Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates Forums. The event was open to participants from the Viridian Ocean.


Introduction to the Event

"I, Adrielle, am on a quest! I am searching for artworks (no larger than 600 x 600 pixels in size) that represent my small, but friendly crew! I would especially love to have a coat of arms, or flag for my crew, to feature on our Yppedia page!

My crew is called Hell Avengers, and you can read all about us on our crew info and wiki page! Our crew's favourite quotes, or mottos, are: "Team and Mash", and "Mash Much Rich Ships".

Entries to this contest can be created using computer-generated, or real-life/scanned-in art, but should be your own work, and should not break any forum rules. In judging, I will be looking for quality of artwork, as well as how well the artwork reflects our small but friendly (and slightly loony) crew! Multiple entries are allowed, but quality is more important than quantity. Entries close on September the 5th, 2009, at midnight game-time.

I will, of course, be rewarding the creators of my favourite pieces of artwork with prizes!"


Prizes for this event were supplied by Adrielle and Zangley.

  • 1st: 5 doubloons, a starfish trinket, a black starfish trinket, a cursed egg trinket, an orange cultist chow trinket, a tan bone knife trinket and a bone knife trinket of unknown colour.
  • 2nd: 2 doubloons, 5 sand dollars, a starfish trinket, a purple starfish trinket, and a jar of fog trinket.
  • 3rd: 1 doubloon, 2 starfish trinkets, 2 sand dollars, and a jar of fog trinket.
  • Special Mention: 1 starfish trinket, and a sand dollar.
  • All Other Entrants: 1 sand dollar.

How to Enter

Participants were asked to create an artwork that met the criteria outlined above, and post it in the contest thread before midnight game-time on September the 5th, 2009.


Judging and Winners

Judging was done by Adrielle, with input from some of the senior officers in her crew. In judging, the judges took into account the quality of each artwork, as well as how well the artwork reflected their small but friendly (and slightly insane) crew.

The quality of entries was high, and thus the judges decided to award all entrants a prize.

  • 1st Prize was awarded to Makawhawla.
  • 2nd Prize was awarded to Harlech.
  • 3rd Prize was awarded to Shadowswift.
  • A Special Mention prize was awarded to Gujiu.
  • All other entries recieved a sand dollar trinket.

Adrielle is still chasing Mortality, Vancord and Gujiu in-game to award them their prizes =).

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