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Aeville is a pirate on the Meridian Ocean, on the Emerald Ocean, and on the Obsidian Ocean; he started in the Viridian Ocean and lived through its merger into Meridian. His activity on any other ocean was secondary until Meridian became mostly inactive in 2017. He first learned to make trouble under the tutelage of the now-banned Pirate King Zilverdragon.

On the Meridian Ocean, he is currently a fleet officer of the crew Dread Poets Society. On the Emerald Ocean, he is currently a fleet officer of the crew The Devilish Seas. On the Obsidian Ocean, he is a fleet officer of the crew The Dark CULT.



  • Has memorized the Meridian Ocean.
  • Formerly governor of Havoc Island for the flag Blood Sweat and Beers.
  • Operated "the stall empire", a collection of all seven different kinds of stalls on Lima Island. Sadly, These no longer exist, as Meridian Ocean has become mostly inactive.
  • Formerly royal of the flag Last Call.
  • Formerly royal of the flag Infamous; while serving in this role, he acted as governor of the island Prolix Purlieu. Some say he bought that position by donating the most to flag funds.
  • Formerly royal of the flag Je Maintiendrai.
  • Noted for creating haiku, and posting them to crew and flag news pages.


  • Memorized a few league points, and one route. So far.


  • Has memorized quite a bit. He's working on it.


Count on your fingers
Can you count up to seven?
You can make haiku.

The following haiku was composed after losing a blockade of Prolix Purlieu. Aeville had been governor of that island. Notwithstanding the stirring haiku, the island was not recovered by Infamous, and Aeville eventually left that flag.

Beautiful island:
Wordiness abounded there
We will get it back.

This haiku was composed for his departure from Last Call:

Sometimes it works out.
Sometimes it doesn't work out.
I'm sorry, must go.

This haiku was composed after several of the stalls in the "stall empire" were lost because of absence:

Empire shall return!
Life cuts into you, and makes
You spend time elsewhere.