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Vortexae is the Yppedia and Puzzle Pirates forums account name of Nicole J. LeBoeuf-Little ("Niki").

Playing As...

On the Meridian Ocean:

On the Emerald Ocean:

On the Cerulean Ocean:

On the Jade Ocean:

On the Opal Ocean:

On the Ice Ocean:


Niki has the goal of memorizing all of the Oceans, with current focus on Meridian and Emerald. If you see one of her pirate officers alone on a sloop, she's probably actively memorizing a route or trawling for a new chart. Please ask permission to board (PTB) before hopping on and booting a bot.

Millefleur finished memorizing the Viridian Ocean just hours before it merged with Malachite to create the Meridian Ocean.

Millefleur and Oshun are registered on Memming Players Across Meridian and Nensieuisge is registered on Memming Players Across Emerald. También la pirata Serenidad se lista entre los Memorizadores en Jade. Please don't hesitate to send these pirates a tell should you need charting assistance.

Niki has helped develop the All Ocean Memorization Spreadsheet - which is to say she took the previous version, cut out the obsolete ocean worksheets and edited all the island names on the Sage sheet until it was Jade, and then got all obsessive about adding archipelago names to every island. Maybe you'll find it useful.

Related Writing

Until Examiner canceled it in August 2015, Niki maintained the Puzzle Pirates Examiner blog. Regular features included weekend blockade schedules, competitions and other special events, monthly limited edition things, and puzzling/strategy tips and tricks.

Niki currently posts YPP-related content to her personal "actually writing blog" under the tag Pirates What Puzzle.


YPP is Niki's distraction of choice while recording weekly programming for the Audio Information Network of Colorado. She will often navigate with the navy or take a job in a blockade while reading the assigned material. (Current weekly assignments: Employment Opportunity News, La Hora En Español, Ser Padres. If you are desperately curious and want to take a listen, see AINC website for schedule and live streaming audio links. AINC is always looking for volunteer readers, local or remote.)

Knitting, especially socks, helps pass the time while waiting for an SMH to load. Niki latest creation is a pair of pink thigh-high socks to wear on the roller derby rink, to follow up on the purple-and-green ones that were such a success. Right now she's just working on a pair of regular socks.

Niki plays YPP on a laptop (currently a Dell Inspiron), so she might at any time be out at a cafe, restaurant or bar (karaoke optional). This is especially true during the regular NFL season, since the whole family goes to sports bars to watch the Saints play. Admittedly, this makes gem running awkward.

When on solo pillage, her preference is to rig while b-navving.

Random Real Life Facts

Niki is originally from New Orleans and currently lives in Boulder, Colorado (Pirate Time+1). She publishes fiction under the name Nicole J. LeBoeuf and blogs about it at her "actually writing blog". She's a member of the roller derby league Boulder County Bombers, skating under the name Fleur de Beast and the number 504. If you are very lucky (or possibly unlucky) she will mail you fruitcake. IT'S GOOD FRUITCAKE, SHUT UP.