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The Jade Ocean is the sixth doubloon ocean of Puzzle Pirates. It was officially announced on June 9, 2009 as a Spanish-language ocean and opened on July 1, 2009. The Jade Ocean has eight archipelagos, which include 49 islands (27 outpost islands, 6 medium islands, and 16 large islands). The Jade Ocean has the same geography as the Sage Ocean.


Dodo Archipelago Chart star ice blue.png
Isla Aleta Outpost
Isla Ancoraggio Outpost
Isla Kakrafoon Outpost
Gaviota Archipelago Chart star blue.png
Atolón Garfio Medium
Isla Almirante Large
Isla Basset Outpost
Isla Bryer Outpost
Isla Cromwell Outpost
Isla de Kent Medium
Isla Lincoln^ Large
Wensley^ Large
Ibis Archipelago Chart star purple.png
Isla Arakoua Large
Isla Aten Large
Isla Berberisca Large
Isla Caravanserai Large
Isla Kasidim Medium
Isla Kiwara Outpost
Isla Terjit Outpost
Meseta Tichka Large
Águila Archipelago Chart star coral.png
Cayo Escorbuto Outpost
Dunas Mortales Outpost
Isla Albatros Outpost
Isla Emboscada Outpost
Isla Espejismo Outpost
Isla Guantelete Outpost
Regalo de Jack Outpost
Pelícano Archipelago Chart star lime.png
Isla Asteroidea Outpost
Isla Blackthorpe Medium
Isla Cook Large
Isla Descartes^ Large
Isla Greenwich^ Large
Isla Halley Outpost
Isla Retorno Outpost
Isla Spaniel^ Medium
Isla Ventress^ Outpost
Frailecillo Archipelago Chart star aqua.png
Isla Alca Outpost
Isla Cryo Outpost
Isla Escarcha Outpost
Cigüeña Archipelago Chart star red.png
Isla Amistad Outpost
Isla Bowditch Large
Isla Escuibnocket Large
Isla Hinga Large
Isla Penoscot Outpost
Isla Rowes Large
Isla Scrimshaw Large
Isla Wissajickon Medium
Charrán Archipelago Chart star violet.png
Arco Ascalón^ Outpost
Isla Kashgar Outpost
Isla Morannon Outpost

^ - denotes colonized

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