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Kgarrett1969 has been a part of the Y!PP community since April of 2005 joining Puzzle Pirate shortly after the opening of Viridian. His characters can be found across all the oceans but continues to make Viridian his home and the primary focus of play.

In game he is most noted for playing the characters Hawkings, Captain of Odin's Demise, and Charun, former governor of Sakejima. In addition to his in game presence Kgarrett1969 has a strong presence in the Y!PP Forums where he is known for entering Forum based contests particularly in the area of writing where he has a reputation for being a talented writer.

In the real world Kgarrett1969 is a programmer for one of the world's largest information technology consulting and services companies. He makes his home in the city of Anderson, IN which is about fifty minutes Northeast of Indianapolis. He is a Science Fiction, Adventure and Fantasy fan as well as being an avid game player.

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Current Yppedia projects

  • Updating all Out of Date Crew Pages including standardizing and expanding.
  • Tracking Down missing trinkets for trinket colorized templates

Yppedia Contribution Awards

Repetitionbarnstar.png Repetition Barnstar
For your ongoing work in verifying, updating, and expanding crew information. --AtteSmythe 10:22, 19 October 2006 (PDT)



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