the crusaders

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For entities without "the" in its name, see Crusaders.
the crusaders at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Captain Afallenangel (Left crew)
Senior Officer(s) Apipe (Dormant)
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation The Kingdom Of Sage
Founded 12 June, 2006
Dormant as of 22 February, 2017
Favicon.png Crew Info

the crusaders is a dormant crew on the Emerald Ocean, flying the flag of The Kingdom Of Sage.


It was founded on 12 June 2006, on the retired Sage Ocean.

Public statement

In the beginning there was many races living in harmony... however one race rebelled against the authority and were punished for their longing of independance...

They were granted independance but were exiled... sent away from their homelands and islands to forage and survive off the outposts... the create a life of their own... they were greatly weakened and only the hate in their hearts fuelled their survival...

On their new found islands this group grew strong... creating a new life from the resources that were available to them... becoming stronger by the day...

Now... the exiled are strong enough to fight... full of vengence and a desire for revenge they made boats and weapons... they found others who opposed the authority and allowed them to join in their battle...

And now begins their crusade upon the oceans.. .their crusade against all that opposed them and cast them away... a crusade to rebuild their shattered lives once more upon the islands they once called home...

Led by Afallenangel they will not fail... they will rise to glory and punish those who did not believe... who had no faith...

The crusades have begun...


1. Always obey higher ranking crew members unless they are stupid orders!

2. Always listen to my SO's and me The Captain!

3. Never take a boat out which is NOT YOURS without consent and always have more then 3 pirates on the boat (because bots are rubbish)!

4. Always dock at the right port which is on a boat's officer board, always check before sailing.

These rules are there to show that we are not going to be walked all over!

All rules should be followed or you are acceptable to pay a fine or be demoted automatically.

The fines will be:

Docking at wrong port---100 poe

Taking out someone else's boat without consent---200 poe

Undermanned boats---Full restock cost

P.S. only fleet officers can take boats out and only senior officers can take a war brig or bigger out. Have fun and make some sweet $$$$

Promotion policies

Cabin Person

Pirates should just ask the officer in charge at port and he/she will invite them to be a cabin person.


Pirates must have at least one broad in any of the piracy skills.


Pirates must be experienced, with some fine piracy skills. They must work hard and be devoted to the game and to the crew. They will need at least 4 broads in the piracy skills.

Fleet Officer

Because the crew locks their ships, the main thing pirates will need is a ship. Without one the pirate will not be able to pillage. However exceptions will be made if the crew feels the pirate is a loyal member and a hard worker that deserves the role. And they must trust the pirate.

Senior Officer

Pirates must be one of the very devoted officers that is active in the crew, pillages alot, and participates in crew events. Senior officer is one of the hardest ranks to get, it will take a lot of hard work and determination to achieve and the rank is based solely on the captain's choice


Position unavailable