The Esperanza

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The Esperanza at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Bucaneergirl
Senior Officer(s) None
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Deathly Hallows
Founded 26 May, 2007
Last updated on 17 January, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info

The Esperanza is a crew sailing on the Meridian Ocean under the flag Deathly Hallows.

Public statement

Join us! Let's scatter the hope to everyone!

Extended public statement

Esperanza Means "Hope" in Spanish.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to build a close happy crew where everyone feels valued and supported, and has a chance to grow. We don't plan to be the biggest or the best, but working together we will be strong. We welcome anyone to our crew who is willing to have fun, laugh, share a joke and share some good camaraderie between our crewmates.

Our Motto :

Start with patience , End with success.


The Esperanza was founded by Powerz with the help of Darkmagcian on May 26th, 2007, with the primary objective of creating a crew where everyone could feel like themselves, and could support their points of view by sharing their views towards the growth of the crew.

  • In May 2007, The Esperanza flew the flag Nanuq.
  • Around the time of June 2007, The Esperanza left Nanuq and flew the flag Charmed Warriors.
  • On June 9th 2007, The Esperanza left Charmed Warriors and began to fly the flag Silent Rampage.
  • In August 2007, The Esperanza began to fly the flag Deathly Hallows and remains there to this day.

Crew rules

  1. Treat your fellow crew mates with respect.
  2. When pillaging, always restock to what the bulletin board says, or to what was there when ye started.
  3. Don't laze, swordfight or rumble on a pillage.
  4. No massive spamming or flooding to be allowed in the crew.
  5. No stealing of the ship's coffers.
  6. Never leave during battle. This will result in a -1 of booty share.
  7. If the officer in charge gets disconnected, please contact a senior officer for assistance.

Promotion requirements

Cabin Person - To be a Cabin Person, you will need to:

  • Ask the officer-in-charge or any existing officer, senior officer for a crew invite.

Pirate - To be a pirate you will need to have:

Officer - To be an officer you will need to have:

  • An officer badge.
  • 3 Broads in the piracy skills.
  • Know the basic of pillaging.
  • Stayed a considerable amount of time in the crew.
  • Exception is made if you own a ship.

Fleet officer - To become a fleet officer you will need to have:

  • An officer badge.
  • 5 Broad or 3 solids in piracy skills.
  • Know the Intermediate ways of Pillaging.
  • Spent a considerable amount of time in the crew as an officer.
  • Gained trust from The Captain.

Senior officer - To be a senior officer you will need:

  • A Senior officer badge.
  • To be loyal, mature and dedicated to the needs of the crew.
  • Gained trust From the captain.
  • Know the advanced methods of pillaging.
  • Stayed a considerable amount of time in the crew.
  • 4 Solids or 6 Broads in piracy skills.

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