Shadow Knights

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Shadow Knights at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Monarch Sirvictorius of Knight Stalkers
Member crew(s) Knight Stalkers, Windy Waters
Organization Government Ministries
Founded 25 June, 2006
Disbanded as of 25 February, 2010
Favicon.png Flag Info

Shadow Knights was a Viridian Ocean flag which was founded on June 25, 2006. It has been disbanded.


The flag achieved fourth place on the Viridian Ocean in the 24 hour blockade held at the beginning of September 2006.

Shadow Knights governed Dendrite Island from September 25th, 2006, when the island was transferred from -'Star Explorers'-, to November 6th, 2006, when it was transferred to Imperial Coalition. So for a short space of time, between 14th Oct 2006 and 22nd October 2006 this flag held two islands, see Blockade History

Public Statement

Sirvictorius: Ahoy Mateys! Under new management! Talk to me for details. Please don't hurt me.

Knights by day
Valiant and Strong
We may be friendly
But do us no wrong
For at night we are Shadows
Hiding from sight
Cross us once
And you'll remember the fight!
We are the Shadow Knights!
Join us if you dare
Participate with us
And we'll show we can care.
So knock back that swill
And enjoy while you serve
Fun, Loyalty and Friendship
Is what all Shadow Knights deserve!


Past monarchs include

The flag ceased to exist on 25th of February when the last remaining crew Knight Stalkers merged with another crew.

Royal Positions

Position Royal Responsibilities
Head of State (Queen) Flyinnorth She does it all
Minister for trade and transport Oneeyedcraze Transporting of commodities and finished goods
Minister for industry Dmentd To ensure the smooth running of their shops and stalls
Minister for war and PvP Nunny To hunt down and destroy their opponents

Blockade History

  • Briefly wrested Olive Island from Vanguard in Olive XIV on 14 October 2006. Four of Vanguard's islands were blockaded that day as well as an island each for their allies Pay for Play and RiddleMakers, so they defended other islands while leaving Olive nearly undefended. Vanguard took back control of Olive eight days later, dealing Shadow Knights a crushing defeat in Olive XV. There was quite a bit of fighting and hostility between the flags' members (with most of Shadow Knights's royalty being harassed by members of Vanguard) between Olive XIV and Olive XV. The war ended shortly thereafter.

Blockades At A Glance

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 14 Oct 2006 Olive XIV Attacking Colonized yes yes vs. Vanguard 3:0 Won island
2 22 October 2006 Olive XV Defending Colonized yes yes vs. Vanguard 0:3 Lost island

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