The Mighty Booch (Viridian)

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The Mighty Booch at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Monarch Tyriaalt of Three men and a Ship
Member crew(s) Three men and a Ship
Founded 29 July, 2007
Dormant as of 15 February, 2011
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The Mighty Booch is a flag on the Viridian Ocean. It was founded on 29th July, 2007.

Public Statement

Kicking puppies and eating babies since November 10, 2008.

Extended Public Statement

Alliance requests will most likely be turned down. We are kinda done with being run through the ringer for allies. When we are ready for a web again we will seek you out.

Royalty positions are not automatically awarded just for joining this Flag, they are earned by demonstrating that the crew is a good, honest and fair crew, and that the nominated person is loyal to the flag and willing to dedicate time and effort to bettering the flag.

A crew joining the flag may nominate one person for a Titled position. Further titles may be earned in time. For more information speak to any Royal, if you are interested in joining.

Titled and Royal members are expected to be active in flag events and affairs, and in the flag forum.

Please look out for stalls owned by flag members when you are restocking your ships or ordering things.

PvP battles with allied flags are discouraged. If we engage in an allied PvP and receive a request to disengage from the opposing ship before shots are fired then that request will be honored. Likewise we ask that any such requests from ourselves be honored.

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