Release 2007-09-04

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Sea Monsters: Atlantis

From the Release Notes:
  • Atlantis Rises from the Depths! Antediluvian Conchs may be turned into maps to Atlantean Outposts.
    • These treacherous waters are infested with sea monsters and Atlantean dragoons. Those of strong heart may brave the dangers in search of riches.
  • When paying brigand bounties (in flotillas and BK blockades), add some extra money to the ship's hold.
  • Split blockade listings on the notice board into three groups: active, pending, and completed.
  • Improve graphic performance in skirmishes.
  • Improve performance on macs.
  • Disallow images in crew/flag news.
  • Remove crews' home islands from job postings.
  • Each turn, if treasure has been hauled, announce the quantity to the vessel.
  • No longer allow blackspots to automatically ban players who have never bought doubloons or subscribed.
  • Show lock status of vessel on the "Where are my vessels?" view.
  • Add a tooltip to the duty station listings on a vessel showing how many pirates are on that type of station, and the total number available on the ship.
  • Change booty auto divide to 50-50 instead of 75-25.
  • Show a tutorial to first time pillagers encouraging them to stay around to earn more money.
  • Treasure Haulers now contribute a small amount to each duty while hauling.
  • Increase brigand/barbarian payouts slightly.
  • Refer a friend page now shows information about recent referrals.
  • Spawn merchant brigs before baghlahs.
  • New Portrait Background: Journey to Atlantis
  • New Limited Edition Portrait Background: Nordenx's God Games
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix bug with rescheduling blockades not always taking effect.
    • Fix bug with treasure haul sometimes failing to bring up money.
    • Fix bug with booty sometimes being divvied when a vessel was sunk.
    • Fix bug with using the /gift command without a pirate name.
    • Fix animation of the trick flying to the player in spades and hearts.