Release 2007-03-21

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Second Star to the Left

From the Release Notes:
  • New Voyage Configuration options from the ship's helm:
    • Pillaging: The default mode. Allows specification of the type and difficulty of ships you wish to fight.
    • Blockading: Signs the ship up to accept jobbers from its flag's blockade job posting.
    • Trading: Allows ship to set an amount to pay per league sailed based on puzzle performance.
    • Greeter Pillaging: Greeters can run pillages to help introduce new players to the game.
  • Better performance at duty navigation improves the chances of finding the types of brigands and barbarians you're looking for.
  • Ships matching your voyage's desired settings will be automatically targeted.
  • Consolidate all jobbing applicants into a single panel, rather than panels for each applicant.
  • After winning a battle, 75% of the Pieces of Eight won are immediately divided among the pirates aboard. The crew's restock cut of that 75% will be automatically placed in the ship's hold, or into an officer's pocket if no Fleet Officers are aboard.
  • Display a summary of the total value in the booty chest after winning a battle.
  • New monthly portrait background winner: Deadstarr's Secret Cove.
  • New trinkets for sale in the palace shoppe: Various pins, medals, and baked goods.
  • Improved estimated time-to-completion for orders shortly after reboots.
  • It is now easier to repair the most severe damage, and drain the most severe bilge when out of battle.
  • New pirate creation process; new players can create a pirate without needing an account. When they leave, they will be encouraged to save the pirate and create an account.
  • When a ship is "sunk" in a non-sinking blockade, all pirates aboard are now ejected to land.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed inconsistent ordering of pirates in portraits.
    • Fixed incorrectly colored hooks in portraits.
    • Fixed bug where loaded cannonballs were sometimes lost in a reboot.
    • Fixed bug where islands would not initially report commodities they spawn after a reboot.