Ostreum Island (Cerulean)

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Ostreum Island
Favicon.png Ostreum Island on the Cerulean Ocean
Medium island in the Pearl Archipelago
Ostreum Island (Cerulean).png

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Controlled by   Kismet  
Governed by   Seadogpete
Navy color   Aqua
Information about this island's pets is unknown.
Outpost Medium Large
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Ostreum is a medium island located in the Pearl Archipelago. There are three known routes from the island: Zeta Island, Frond Island, and an inter-archipelago route to Wrasse Island in the Emerald Archipelago.

Natural resources

This island spawns iris root and iron. These resources can be bid on at the market.


Akoya Dyes (bazaar)
Shell Shucked (explorers' hall)
Oysters Rockerfeller
Commodities market 
Embrochette (upgraded)
Aphrodisiacs (bazaar)
Estate agent 
Angels on Horseback
Olympia Villas (right-facing villa)
Inn Appropriate (upgraded)
Iron monger 
Kumamoto (bazaar)
Pearly Gates
Motorboat (bazaar)

Dusted buildings
Twin Peaks (dusted) (trading post)


Ostreum Island was originally located on the Midnight Ocean.

Ostreum I — 2004-08-08, Ragnarok won the first blockade of Ostreum. The blockade was sinking, but uncontested.

Ostreum II — 2005-02-26, Black Sheep Brigade dropped a chest on Ostreum. Notorious Fandango dropped a chest during the middle of round 2, winning rounds 3 and 4, but losing round 5. Notorious Fandango also finished with more points than other faction in round 2, but game mechanics prevented them from being listed as a contender until round 3. Thus, Ragnarok won rounds 2 and 5 and successfully defended the island.

Note: Notorious Fandango initially attempted to drop the war chest during round 1 but the war chest was unexpectedly rejected as it was outside the normal war chest drop window. Until then, it was generally expected that secondary war chest drops during a blockade will be accepted regardless of the timing. This was echoed by the Ringers, which led to Cleaver ruling that the original war chest attempt will not be accepted but he made Notorious Fandango a contender in time for round 3. (This is the origin of the now defunct joke "Fandango will drop a chest in Round Two")

Ostreum III — 2005-07-02, Phoenix Reborn took control of Ostreum in three rounds. Blades N' Roses dropped a war chest during round 1.

2005-7-04 — Ostreum is converted from an outpost to a medium island.

Ostreum IV— 2005-07-17, Overwhelming jobber support for Superlemon Krakatoa, coupled with a smaller showing from Phoenix Reborn, helped Superlemon Krakatoa take Ostreum. Phoenix Reborn did not defend round 3.

Ostreum V— 2006-02-04, Notorious Fandango defeated Superlemon Krakatoa in a sinking blockade that lasted for 3 rounds. Superlemon Krakatoa did not contest the blockade at all, due to real-life issues.

Ostreum VI—2006-03-12, Ragnarok, the first ever flag to hold Ostreum, attempted to regain control of it. Notorious Fandango managed to defend the island, although the first round was very close. Superlemon Krakatoa took in a single warbrig during the last two rounds, joining in the fray, but no chest was dropped.

Ostreum VII—2006-03-18 Superlemon Krakatoa defeated Notorious Fandango to retake control of the island. The Lemons had a larger jobbing force, despite the fact that Fandango paid jobbers while SLK offered only a raffle. They won the first two rounds with at least 300 points difference each time. The third round was not contested by Notorious Fandango.

Ostreum VIII—2006-12-03 Elysian Fields defeated Superlemon Krakatoa in a three round blockade to take control of the island.

Ostreum IX—2007-2-18 Phobos Et Deimos attacked Elysian Fields. The defenders outjobbed the attackers leading them to win rounds 1 and 2 and made the blockade sinking in round 3. Phobos Et Deimos pulled jobbers over from simultaneous Park Island and Orca Island blockades that had basically wrapped up and were able to take round 3. Elysian Fields came back for the win in round 4.

Ostreum X—2007-2-25 Phobos Et Deimos attacked Elysian Fields again, this time winning the island. Elysian Fields won the first two rounds, then pulled out for the most part due to low number of ships.

Ostreum XI—2007-12-09, Phobos et Deimos successfully defended the island in three rounds against the Brigand King The Widow Queen.

Ostreum XII—2008-02-17, Phobos et Deimos successfully defended the island in three straight rounds against Blighted.

Ostreum XIII—2010-03-13 Fallen defeated Phobos Et Deimos in a three round non-sinking blockade to take control of the island.

Ostreum XIV—2010-06-26, Tyr's Own defeated Fallen in three rounds to take control of the island.

Ostreum XV - 2004-5-01, Tyr's Own scuttled and did not defend against the Brigand King Barnabas the Pale. Barnabas took control of the island.

Ostreum XVI - 2010-7-18, Barnabas the Pale's forces successfully defended the island against two attackers - Fallen and Tyr's Own.

Ostreum XVII - 2010-8-01, Barnabas the Pale again successfully defended the island against two attackers - Fallen and Sunset Knights.

Ostreum XVIII - 2010-8-08, Fallen defeated Barnabas the Pale to take control of the island.

Ostreum XIX - 2011-10-30, The Widow Queen defeated Fallen in three rounds to take control of the island.

Ostreum XX - 2011-11-06, Boochin Katfish defeated The Widow Queen in four rounds to take control of the island.

Ostreum XXI - 2012-21-10, Boochin Katfish Vrs Tyranny, Tyranny did not contend. Both parties petitioned OM's & ended blockade after round 1.

Ostreum XXII - 2012-27-10, For Glory or Honour defeated Boochin Katfish 3-0.

Ostreum XXIII - 2013-16-02, For Glory or Honour Vrs. Maniacal Menagerie, Glory pulled out during round 2.

Ostreum XXIV - 2013-22-09, Maniacal Menagerie Vrs. Panic Maniacal did not defend.

Ostreum XXV - 2014-08-02, Panic Vrs. For Glory or Honour, Panic defended 3-1.

Ostreum XXVI - 2014-30-08, Panic Vrs. Hell if I Know, Panic defended 3-1.

Ostreum XXVII - 2014-29-11, Panic Vrs. Stumbeling Solo, Solo wins 3-0.

2015-02-07 Ostreum was tranfered to Minsiem for winning "Win Ostreum Island" writing event.

Ostreum XXVIII - 2015-01-03 Sushicide Vrs. Dies Irae, Dies took control with a 3-0 win.

2015-00-00 Ostreum Island was scuttled by Dies Irae to Vargas the Mad

Ostreum XXVIX - 2015-4-12, Secrets of the Deep, Badsanta from the crew Da Dominating Queens Attacked Vargas the Mad with a power of 3 and in the 5th round won control of the island.

Ostreum XXX - 2015-7-11 In the attempt to win Terra island from BKS Secrets of the Deep did not defend. Allowing I Do What i want to win control of the island.