Accompong Island (Emerald)

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Accompong Island
Favicon.png Accompong Island on the Emerald Ocean
Outpost island in the Pleiades Archipelago
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Controlled by   Bakers union  
Governed by   Ajax
Navy color   Yellow
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Outpost Medium Large
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Accompong Island is an outpost island in the Pleiades Archipelago. There are three known routes from the island: Gallows Island, Iocane Island and an inter-archipelago route to Toba Island in the Orion Archipelago.

Natural resources

This island spawns madder and nettle. They can be bid on at the fort.


Estate agent 
Granny Nannys


Accompong is currently controlled by Bakers Union. It is reserved for event blockades.


Accompong Island was originally located on the Hunter Ocean. On the northern section of the island, on a rock near some madder, an inscription reads, "This island were fashioned by Looseweed and Gnarr."

This island is named for Accompong, a maroon village in Jamaica. In reference to Pleiades, Accompong is in the place of Electra.

In August 2007, the Ocean Masters built an estate agent named Maroon, thus filling out the outpost island's one-shoppe limit, and preventing any flags from placing new buildings in future.