Black Ogopogo (Meridian)

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Black Ogopogo
Meridian Ocean
Outpost island in the Basilisk Archipelago
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This island has no pets on it.
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Black Ogopogo is an outpost island located in the Basilisk Archipelago. There are two known routes from the island: Rheic Island and Tethys Island.

Natural resources

This island spawns iris root, lobelia, and stone.


There are no buildings on Black Ogopogo.


Black Ogopogo was originally located on the Malachite Ocean. An inscription on a rock on the northeast corner of the island reads, "This island were fashioned by Idol."

The Ogopogo is a mythical lake monster reported to live in Lake Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada. Like the Loch Ness Monster of Scotland, Ogopogo has reportedly been sighted a number of times, but no proof of its existence has ever been found.

The "Black" in the island's name may be a reference to the Black Sea, an inland sea between south-eastern Europe and the Anatolian Peninsula (Turkey).

Black Ogopogo is an uninhabitable island.