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Reputation is a measurement much similar to fame that shows a pirate's activity. Reputation works very similarly to fame, but is calculated for pirates as well as for crews and flags. As defined by the release notes, the four types of reputation are:

Icon-conqueror.png Conqueror - Earned by fighting brigand kings, defeating skellies, werewolves, vampirates, and zombies, fighting (and sinking) other players' ships, defeating merchants in an expedition, blockading, sinking ships in flotillas, and Imperial outpost and Viking raid expeditions.
Icon-explorer.png Explorer - Earned by visiting the Atlantis citadels, visiting the Cursed Isles, visiting the Haunted Seas ship graveyards, visiting the Kraken, completing expeditions, purchasing charts at the Explorers' hall, and traveling around the ocean.
Icon-patron.png Patron - Earned by hosting tournaments and event blockades, as well as participating in tournaments and puzzle competitions.
Icon-magnate.png Magnate - Earned by purchasing items, badges and portraits, earning loot from sea monsters in Atlantis and ghosts in Haunted Seas, opening chests/eggs from Cursed Isles and Kraken Hunts, opening black boxes from black markets, and trading in trinkets for items at the Trading Post.

It has the same nine levels as fame which are:

  • Aspiring
  • Obscure
  • Rumored
  • Noted
  • Established
  • Renowned
  • Celebrated
  • Eminent
  • Illustrious

Please note that reputation diminishes over time and must be kept up by continually performing related actions.

Reputation is calculated on a curve in a similar manner as puzzle standing and fame, that is, the reputation of any given pirate, crew or flag is scored relative to the performance of others on the ocean, and each higher level is a smaller percentile than the last. However, one difference is that there are minimums for each level of reputation. For example, a pirate will never be rewarded with Illustrious Conqueror just by defeating two sets of skellies in a week. [1]

Pirates with the celebrated-level trophy in the relevant category may place the conqueror's sword rack, explorer's shelf, patron's card table and magnate's treasure chest furniture items, while pirates with any illustrious-level trophy may wear the notorious corsair's hat and notorious corsair's coat clothing items. Note that any pirate may purchase these items - the trophy is necessary only for placement or wearing - and it's necessary only to have the trophy itself - the pirate's actual reputation at the time is irrelevant.

Reputation lists

The reputation lists show the top ten pirates, crews and flags in each reputation category, irrespective of their actual level.

Cerulean Emerald
Pirates Crews Flags
Pirates Crews Flags
Ice Jade
Pirates Crews Flags
Pirates Crews Flags
Meridian Opal
Pirates Crews Flags
Pirates Crews Flags
Pirates Crews Flags


Spoiler warning: Details about trophies are hidden below.

The following trophies are related specifically to pirate reputation:

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