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Lordkalvan is captain of Otherwhen, prince of Water Sleeps, and governor of Beta Island. He usually runs a war brig pillage on Mondays starting around 4:30pm Pacific.

As governor of Beta, Lordkalvan has encouraged commerce in Sapphire by keeping the tax rate reasonable, hosting events designed to bring participants to Sapphire, and having the palace trade limes and passion fruit at prices designed to encourage both foraging and trading.


  • August 2004 Lordkalvan created as an alt. Captain of Otherwhen, and Prince of Red Alert flag.
  • September 2004 Red Alert flag dissolved, and after two or three weeks as an independent crew, Otherwhen joined Water Sleeps flag.
  • October 2004 Prince of Water Sleeps.
  • January 2005 Appointed Chief Military Officer of Water Sleeps.
  • March 2005 Elected Governor of Beta.
  • December 2005 Elected King of Water Sleeps.

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